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Image:Rashaida family.png
The children from a family of the Rashaida ethnic group in the Eritrean lowlands
Total population 112,000
Regions with significant populations Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Sudan:
75,000<ref name="joshua">Template:Cite web</ref>

37,000<ref name="joshua" />

Language Arabic
Religion Sunni Islam

The Rashaida are a Bedouin people in Sudan (68,000) and Eritrea (225,000), they come from a major tribe in Mainland Arabia called Banu Abs[citation needed], most of the Rashaida live in the Arabian Peninsula. They are primarily Muslims of recent Arab origin, through migration having been expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1846.<ref>Snap Shots, Al-Ahram Weekly, 29 December 2005 - 4 January 2006, Issue No. 775</ref> They speak Arabic.

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Rashaida people

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