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ROOD, jong in de SP
Image:Logo rood 1.jpg
Leader Renske Leijten
Founded 2003
Headquarters Vijverhofstraat 65

3032 SC Rotterdam

Political ideology Socialism
International affiliation none
Mother party Socialistische Partij

ROOD, jong in de SP (Dutch for RED, young in the SP) is a Dutch youth wing linked to the Socialist Party.


[edit] Organisation

Formally, ROOD has been a vereniging (Voluntary association) since 2003 with the goal to let young people participate in creating a socialist society in The Netherlands and to support the SP. Between 1999 and 2003, ROOD was a group within the party, initially subtitled "young initiative within the SP". It was the successor of the "J-team".

Locally, ROOD is organised in groups within political and financial responsibity of the local SP-section. There exist criteria for forming a group, such as a minimum number of (active) members. The number of groups is continously fluctuating, but was 20 on average in 2005. Stable groups exist in Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen and Utrecht. ROOD-members can be anyone between 14 and 28. They have to be a member of the SP, except for members below 16 years of age.

Nationally, ROOD has a management consisting of five people with two supporters (officially called bestuursadviseur: management advisors). The management, elected nationally, coordinates the groups and organises nationwide action campaign and activities such as education and excursions. Renske Leijten is current chairperson since June 2005. The first formal chairperson since ROOD was founded was Driek van Vugt between 2003 and 2005. Before that, he had been part of the management of the group ROOD since 1999, whose chairpeople were Sjoerd de Jong (1999-2000) and Gerrie Elfrink (2000-2002).

Image:Groepsfoto roodbestuur4.jpg
Chair RED, autumn 2006. Left to right: Michel van Dijk, Elien Postma, Gijs Houtbeckers, Bob van Vliet, Renske Leijten (chairperson) and Niels Jongerius

[edit] Activities and stances

Although formally independent, ROOD (contrary to other political youth organisations) does not take any stances that are different from that of the party.

The main activties of ROOD are political activism and educating the members.

[edit] Campaigns

In 2003, ROOD was active protesting against the obligation for all citizens to be always able to identify them selves, and against cuts on education. There were also buildings occupied to attract attention te the lack of housing for young people and at various universities, actions were held for fair trade coffee at universities. ROOD also sent a representation to the European Social Forum (ESF) in Paris.

Since 2003, ROOD organises a yearly Huisjesmelker van het Jaar election, where students elect the worst private landlord in the country. Since 2005, this election is organised in cooperation with the Landelijke Studenten Vakbond and local councils of that organisation.

In 2004, ROOD started a campaign against animal testing in the cosmetics-industry, in 2005 it was L'Oreal that was called to stop animal testing when ROOD visited it with many autographs.

ROOD also directs at international themes such as globalisation. In 2005, ROOD facilitated an exposition by young Palestinians about their culture, in different Dutch cities. After a visit of ROOD members to the occupied areas in Palestine, a declaration of friendship was signed with the football club Hapoël Bne Sachnin, by ROOD referred to as "FC Bnei Sakhnin". In The Netherlands, ROOD started a supporters club for this Arabic-Israeli club. ROOD also participated in the campaign against the European Constitution by the motto "Zeg je ja of denk je na" ("do you say yes or do you think").

In 2006 ROOD did two electoral campaign of its own supporting the SP: One for the municipal election by the motto "Een goede raad is rood" ("a good council is red" in both the sense of the advice and the legislative body), and for the Dutch general elections, 2006 by the motto "ROODnodig, NU SP" ("Red necessary, SP now").

Also in 2006, ROOD started the website, a parody at the government website, mant to teach values to young people. ROOD cites as a reason for the protest cite the spill of government money (ca. 1 million euro for the campaign) and the respectless language used by the government website (wat voor eikel ben jij can be translated as what kind of dick are you). ROOD also criticised the fact that this site was obviously linked to MSN, which means free publicity for Microsoft.

[edit] Publications and former publications

ROOD used to publicate two student newspapers:

Both papers appeared twice a year and contained political comments and news about activities by ROOD. They are distributed free of charge at schools, and in some places are distributed at homes in areas with many students.

In 2006, it was decided to replace the two newspapers by one newspaper.

Until 2006, ROOD had a monthly page in the party magazine, the Tribune.

In 2006, ROOD started by distributing a magazine for members. It will be distributed twice a year and will contain in-depth political analysis for ROOD-members. Although one number has been distributed already, the magazine has no title yet: the first publication contained a big question mark where the title should have been.

[edit] Relation to the SP

ROOD is, other than many other political youth organisations, closely linked to the party. For the municipal elections in 2006, 10% of the elected candidates are from ROOD, and for the legislative elections in 2006, chairperson Renske Leijten is at number 9 on the candidate list, and in this way one of the youngest candidates. Within the national SP, ROOD is represented within the party management, and locally it is tried to represent ROOD in many local sections to coordinate activities.

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