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Qian Liu 錢鏐 (852-932 CE) was founder and first king of the Kingdom of Wuyue (吳越國; pinyin: Wuyueguo) (907-978) during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period in southern coastal China.

[edit] Rise to Power

The Qian family had been providing military leaders to the Tang Dynasty since 887. Qian Liu was named the Prince of Yue in 902 with the title of Prince of Wu added two years later. When the Tang Dynasty fell in 907, to be replaced by the Later Liang Dynasty in the north, Qian Liu declared himself to be the King of Wuyue.

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[edit] Qian Liu’s Reign

Under Qian Liu's reign, Wuyue prospered economically and freely developed its own regional culture that continues to this day. He developed the coastal kingdom's agriculture, built seawalls, expanded Hangzhou, dredged rivers and lakes, and encouraged sea transport and trade. On his death-bed he urged a benign administration of state affairs and his words were strictly followed by four succeeding kings.

[edit] Reference

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Preceded by:
None (founder of kingdom)
King of Wuyue
Succeeded by:
Qian Yuanguan (錢元瓘)

Qian Liu

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