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[edit] List of heads of government of The Sudan

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Affiliation
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (Condominium)
22 October 1952 to November 1953Sayid Abdel Rahman al-Mahdi, Chief MinisterUMMA
6 January 1954 to 1 January 1956Ismail al-Azhari, Chief MinisterNUP
Republic of The Sudan
1 January 1956 to 5 July 1956Ismail al-Azhari, Prime MinisterNUP
5 July 1956 to 17 November 1958Abdullah Khalil, Prime MinisterUMMA
18 November 1958 to 30 October 1964Ibrahim Abboud, Prime MinisterMil
30 October 1964 to 2 June 1965Sirr Al-Khatim Al-Khalifa, Prime Ministern-p
10 June 1965 to 25 July 1966Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub, Prime MinisterUMMA
27 July 1966 to 18 May 1967Sadiq al-Mahdi, Prime MinisterUMMA
18 May 1967 to 25 May 1969Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub, Prime MinisterUMMA
Democratic Republic of The Sudan
25 May 1969 to 27 October 1969Babiker Awadalla, Prime Ministern-p
28 October 1969 to 11 August 1976Gaafar Nimeiry, Prime MinisterMil; 1971 SSU
11 August 1976 to 10 September 1977Rashid Bakr, Prime MinisterSSU
10 September 1977 to 6 April 1985Gaafar Nimeiry, Prime MinisterSSU
22 April 1985 to 15 December 1985al-Jazuli Dafalla, Prime Ministern-p
Republic of The Sudan
15 December 1985 to 6 May 1986al-Jazuli Dafalla, Prime Ministern-p
6 May 1986 to 30 June 1989Sadiq al-Mahdi, Prime MinisterUMMA
30 June 1989 to PresentPost Abolished

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