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The Prime Minister of Russia (in Russian : Председатель Правительства, Chairman of the Government) is the current Head of Government of the Russian Federation. Executive power is split between the Prime Minister and the President of Russia, who is Russia's Head of State.

During the Imperial era, the Chairman of the Russian Council of Ministers, referred to as prime minister, was appointed by the Czar (the Emperor); his precursor, the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, had no separate power.

In the era of the Soviet Union, the head of government was the Chairman of Council of People's Commissars (until 1946) and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (after 1946). People who held those positions are sometimes referred to as the prime ministers.

Today the Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Russia and is first-in-line to the presidency in the case of the President's death or resignation.


[edit] Prime Ministers of Russia, 1905-1917

Name Took Office Left Office
Count Sergei Witte 6 November, 1905 5 May, 1906
Ivan Goremykin 5 May, 1906 21 July, 1906
Pyotr Stolypin 21 July, 1906 18 September, 1911
Vladimir Kokovtsov 18 September, 1911 12 February, 1914
Ivan Goremykin 12 February, 1914 2 February, 1916
Boris Stürmer 2 February, 1916 23 November, 1916
Alexander Trepov 23 November, 1916 9 January, 1917
Knyaz Nikolai Golitsyn 9 January, 1917 12 March, 1917

[edit] Minister-Chairmen of the Provisional Government, 1917

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Knyaz Georgy Evgenyevich Lvov 23 March 1917 21 July 1917 Constitutional Democratic Party
Alexander Kerensky 21 July 1917 8 November 1917 Socialist-Revolutionary Party

[edit] Chairmen of the Council of People's Comissars, 1917-1946

See: Premier of the Soviet Union

[edit] Chairmen of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1946-1991

See: Premier of the Soviet Union

[edit] Prime Ministers of the USSR, 1991

See: Premier of the Soviet Union

[edit] Prime Ministers of Russian SFSR, 1990-1991

Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Ivan Silayev 15 June 1990 26 September 1991 CPSU
Oleg Lobov (acting) 26 September 1991 6 November 1991 CPRF

[edit] Prime Ministers of Russian Federation, 1991-present

Name Took Office Left Office Party
2 Boris Yeltsin 6 November 1991 15 June 1992 (None)
Yegor Gaidar (acting) 15 June 1992 14 December 1992 (None)
3 Viktor Chernomyrdin, 1st time 14 December 1992 23 March 1998 Our Home is Russia
Boris Yeltsin (acting) 23 March 1998 23 March 1998 (None)
4 Sergei Kiriyenko 23 March 1998 23 August 1998 (None)
Viktor Chernomyrdin (acting) 23 August 1998 11 September 1998 Our Home is Russia
5 Yevgeny Primakov 11 September 1998 12 May 1999 (None)
6 Sergei Stepashin 12 May 1999 9 August 1999 (None)
7 Vladimir Putin 8 August 1999 7 May 2000 (None)
8 Mikhail Kasyanov 7 May 2000 24 February 2004 (None)
Viktor Khristenko (acting) 24 February 2004 5 March 2004 (none)
9 Mikhail Fradkov 5 March 2004 (present) (None)
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Prime Minister of Russia

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