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The Portuguese Wikipedia is a Portuguese language edition of Wikipedia (written Wikipédia, in portuguese), the free encyclopedia. It was the fifth edition of Wikipedia, started in June 2001, and reached 100,000 articles on January 26th, 2006. It is currently the eighth largest Wikipedia by article count.

From late 2004, the edition grew rapidly. During May 2005 it overtook both the Spanish and Italian language Wikipedias. By comparison, in May 2004 it was only the 17th Wikipedia by the number of articles.

Portuguese articles can contain small variations of writing, as European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese have minor variations in vocabulary and usage. Articles can contain written characteristics of one or the other variant depending on who wrote the article.

In 2005 a proposal to fork Portuguese Wikipedia and create a Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) version was voted down by the Wikimedia community [1].

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