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The Portland Pattern Repository (PPR) is the world's first wiki and repository for computer programming design patterns. The repository has an emphasis on extreme programming. It is hosted by Cunningham & Cunningham (C2) of Portland, Oregon, at http://c2.com/ppr/. The PPR's motto is "People, Projects & Patterns", which, in the camel case used by the PPR, is spelled "PeopleProjectsAndPatterns".

On 17 September 1987, programmer Howard G. (Ward) Cunningham of Tektronix co-published with Apple Computer's Kent Beck the paper Using Pattern Languages for Object-Oriented Programs about programming patterns, inspired by Christopher Alexander's architectural concept of "patterns", for the 1987 OOPSLA programming conference organized by the Association for Computing Machinery. Cunningham's and Beck's idea became popular among programmers, because it helped them exchange programming ideas in a format that is easy to understand.

Cunningham & Cunningham, the programming consultancy which would eventually host the PPR on its Internet domain, was incorporated in Salem, Oregon, on 1 November 1991 and is named after Ward and his wife Karen R. Cunningham, a mathematician, school teacher, and school director. Cunningham & Cunningham registered their Internet domain c2.com on 23 October 1994. [citation needed]

Ward created the Portland Pattern Repository on c2.com as a means to help object-oriented programmers publish their computer programming patterns by submitting them to him. Some of those programmers attended the OOPSLA and PLoP conferences about object-oriented programming, posting their ideas on the PPR and exchanging e-mail messages with Ward.

The PPR is accompanied on c2.com by the first ever wiki (a collection of reader-modifiable Web pages), which is called WikiWikiWeb, or simply WikiWiki or Wiki (with a capital 'W'). It is located at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki.

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