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Democratic Republic of the Congo
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The Popular Movement of the Revolution (French: Mouvement Populaire de la Revolution or MPR) is a political party in Democratic Republic of the Congo (also known as Congo-Kinshasa), formerly Zaire.
MPR party badge, c1990.
Since the actual electoral strength of the political parties in Congo is not known, the size of the party cannot be determined.

The MPR was founded in 1966 by Congolese head of state Major General Joseph-Désiré Mobutu. As a part of his program of Africanization, he later changed his name to Mobutu Sese Seko and altered the country's name to Zaire.

The party served as Mobutu's instrument of rule as the Congo made the transition from military rule to near-abolute dictatorship. Its official ideology was Mobutism. Membership in the MPR became essential for anyone desiring a successful career in Mobutu's Congo. Party and state functions were merged so that regional and local governmental administrators were also regional and local MPR leaders. In 1970, the MPR was made the only legal political organization in the country. Other political parties were not permitted until 1990. After Mobutu's fall from power in 1997, the MPR splintered in various factions.

fr:Mouvement populaire de la Révolution

Popular Movement of the Revolution

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