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A minister or a secretary is a politician who holds significant public office in a national or regional government. Senior ministers are members of the cabinet, usually led by a monarch, Governor General, or president. In constitutional monarchies the sovereign or vice-regal, and in semi-presidential countries the president, is principally advised by a prime minister.


[edit] Origin

The term "minister" comes from a Latin word meaning a "servant" (or first servant). In some countries (such as the U.S., Hong Kong, the Philippines and the UK), such a person can instead be known as a secretary or secretary of state. Until the early 20th century, heads of legations were also called ministers, ie: "Minister for Cuba" or "Minister for France." For example, Sir Ernest Satow was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Japan, 1895-1900, then the top British diplomat in Japan. His successor, Sir Claude MacDonald, was Minister and then Ambassador from 1905 when relations between Britain and Japan were upgraded.

[edit] Selection

In many parliamentary systems of government, especially those using the Westminster system, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, ministers must be selected from the legislature. In presidential systems of government such as the United States and Mexico, ministers are appointed by the President, not drawn from the legislature.

[edit] Types of ministers

[edit] Examples

Some examples of ministers, see the lists below for more.

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Minister (government)

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