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Polish Wikipedia is the Polish edition of Wikipedia. The ninth edition of Wikipedia, it was started in September 26 2001. The founders of the Polish Wikipedia were Paweł Jochym, a physicist, and Wikipedia editor Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz (Kpjas), a doctor. As of September 2006, it has more than 300,000 articles and is the fourth largest Wikipedia edition (after the English, German, and French editions). It is also the largest edition in a Slavic language.

The Polish Wikipedia originated as an independent project under the domain wiki.rozeta.com.pl. On January 12, 2002—in accordance with the suggestion made by the founders of the English Wikipedia—it was incorporated in the international project on http://pl.wikipedia.com and since November 22 on http://pl.wikipedia.org. To avoid cybersquatting that could frustrate many potential users, the Polish Wikipedia also has its own domain www.wikipedia.pl that redirects to pl.wikipedia.org.

The words "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" in Polish are Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia, pronounced /vikiˈpɛdja ˈvɔlna ɛntsɨklɔˈpɛdja/.


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Article growth

In July 2005, a quest for tsca.bot (one of bots in Polish Wikipedia) was written. The bot was programmed to upload statistics from official government pages about French, Polish and Italian municipalities. In a few months, the bot uploaded more than 40,000 articles.

[edit] Polish Wikipedia on DVD

The Polish Wikipedia was first published on a DVD together with the paper edition of the magazine Enter SPECIAL in August 2005. The releaser did not make any attempt to contact the Wikimedia Foundation prior to making the DVD available on the market and the edition itself turned out to be illegal as it violated the GNU GPL license. Additionaly, the software used in that edition worked improperly under Microsoft Windows 98.

Currently, a new DVD edition is being prepared as a joint project of the Polish branch of the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimedia Polska) and the Polish publisher Helion. It will contain articles written before June 4 2006 and is scheduled to be released in autumn 2006.

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