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Piroska of Hungary (1088 - 13 August, 1134) was a daughter of Ladislaus I of Hungary and Adelaide of Swabia. Her maternal grandparents were Rudolf of Rheinfeld and his second wife Adelheid of Savoy. Adelheid was a daughter of Otto of Savoy and Adelaide of Turin.

She was born in Esztergom of the modern Komárom-Esztergom administrative county. Her mother died in 1090 when Piroska was about two years old. Her father died on 29 July, 1095. Ladislaus was succeeded by his nephew Coloman of Hungary who apparently was the new guardian of orphaned Piroska.

In an effort to improve relations with Alexius I Comnenus of the Byzantine Empire, Coloman negotiated the marriage of Piroska to John II Comnenus. John II was the eldest son of Alexius I and Irene Ducaena. He was already co-ruler of his father since 1 September, 1092 and was expected to succeed him. The negotiations were successful and Piroska married John in 1104.

Following her conversion to the Eastern Orthodox Church and settlement in Constantinople, Piroska was renamed to Irene. Irene and John had eight children:

  1. Alexios Komnenos, co-emperor from 1122 to 1142.
  2. Maria Komnene (twin to Alexios), who married John Roger Dalassenos.
  3. Andronikos Komnenos (died 1142).
  4. Anna Komnene, married Stephanos Kontostephanos.
  5. Isaac Komnenos (died 1154).
  6. Theodora Komnene, who married Manuel Anemas.
  7. Eudokia Komnene, who married Theodoros Vatazes.
  8. Manuel I Komnenos (died 1180).

Irene played little part in government, devoting herself to piety and their large brood of children. Irene died on August 13, 1134 and was later venerated as Saint Irene.

Piroska of Hungary

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