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County of Perthshire
- Total
Ranked 4th
1,617,808 acres
County town Perth
Chapman code PER

Perthshire (Siorrachd Pheairt in Gaelic) was a county in central Scotland, which extended from Strathmore in the east, to the Pass of Drumochter in the north, Rannoch Moor and Ben Lui in the west, and Aberfoyle in the south.

Perthshire was known as the "big county" and had a wide variety of landscapes, from the rich agricultural straths in the east, to the high mountains of the southern Highlands. Perthshire was a top-level local government area between 1890-1975, when a two-tier system of local government was in operation. During the 1975 re-organisation, some administrative boundaries were changed, and West Perthshire (the area of west and south of Killin including Callander, Crianlarich and Aberfoyle) was transferred to the neighbouring administrative area of Stirling.

The smaller 1975 boundary was retained in 1996 when the two-tier system was abandoned, and the unitary council of Perth and Kinross replaced Perth and Kinross District Council and Tayside Region. The Perthshire county boundary is used for the purposes of land registration, postal addresses, and general geographic purposes. Perthshire extended to 5300 km².


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Besides Perth, other towns in Perthshire included:

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