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The cultural continent of Greater Persia

Several important religions and religious movements originated in the cultural continent of Greater Persia. The deities (in the context of monotheistic faiths, the supreme being) of these religions are listed below.

For divinities (but not necessarily deities) in pre-Achaemenid era Iranian religions, see ahuras and daevas, groups of 'good' and 'evil' divinities respectively that already figured in proto-Indo-Iranian religions. Yazata, which initially was an attribute applied to any divinity or divine concept, was later an epithet applied to the 'angels' incorporated into Archaemenid-era Zoroastrianism and came to be synonymous with ahura. For an overview of the divinities of the religions practiced in present-day Greater Iran, see Angels in Islam, Angels in Zoroastrianism.


Deities of the religions of the Greater Persian cultural continent

  • Bahá'í Faith, an emerging monotheistic religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh, a 19th century Persian exile:
    • The Bahá'í Faith refers to God using the local word for God in whatever language is being spoken. In the Bahá'í Writings in Arabic, Allah is used. Bahá'ís share some naming traditions with Islam, but see "Bahá" (Glory or Splendour) as The Greatest Name of God.
  • Manichaeism, 3rd century ditheistic gnosticism that may have been influenced by Mandaeanism:
    • "Father of Greatness" (Aramaic: Abbā dəRabbūṯā, Persian: pīd ī wuzurgīh), the highest deity (of light)
    • Aeon - a good spiritual God.
    • Archons - an evil material God.
  • Persian Mysticism, a traditional interpretation of existence, life and love with Perso-Islamic Sufi monotheism as its practical aspect:
    • direct perception of spiritual truth (God), through mystic practices based on divine love.
  • Yarsan, a religious order of Yazdanism, believed to have been founded in the 16th century:
    • God manifests one primary and 5 secondary avatars to form with God the Holy Seven.

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