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A peninsula (from Latin "paene insula", almost island) is a geographical formation consisting of an extension of land from a larger body, surrounded by water on three sides.

A peninsula can also be a headland, cape, promontory, bill, point, or spit.


[edit] Peninsulas of the World

[edit] Eurasia

[edit] Continental Europe

[edit] Balkan "Peninsula"

[edit] Denmark

[edit] Italy

  • Italian Peninsula
  • Calabria
  • Penisola salentina (Salento)
  • Promontorio del Gargano
  • Penisola sorrentina
  • Promontorio di Orbetello

[edit] Iberian Peninsula

-encompassing continental Spain and Portugal, Andorra and the British dependency of Gibraltar.

[edit] Scandinavian Peninsula

-encompassing Sweden and Norway

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] England
[edit] Scotland
[edit] Wales
[edit] Northern Ireland

[edit] Republic of Ireland

[edit] Russia

See also Peninsulas of Russia

[edit] Kazakhstan

[edit] Middle East

[edit] Indian subcontinent and South Asia

[edit] China

[edit] Korean Peninsula

The whole land mass encompassing North and South Korea is a peninsula.

[edit] Japan

See also Peninsulas of Japan
[edit] Kyūshū
[edit] Honshū

[edit] Southeast Asia

[edit] Philippines

[edit] Indonesia

[edit] The Americas

[edit] United States of America

[edit] Canada

[edit] Greenland

[edit] Mexico

[edit] Central America

[edit] South America

[edit] Caribbean

[edit] Australia & Oceania

[edit] Australia

Image:Mornington peninsula02.jpg
A beach on the Mornington Peninsula

[edit] New Zealand

[edit] Papua New Guinea

[edit] Africa

[edit] Antarctica

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