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PediaPress is an online service that allows you to create a published book from selected English Wikipedia articles. The books are printed by InstaBook, a Print on Demand service. They can be purchased in dollars or euros and cost under €15 for a 400 pages volume, with payment handled using credit or debit cards by WorldPay.

A dump of the encyclopedia is used to create the books, so articles may be outdated. A PDF preview of the book is generated before purchase. The site appears to comply fully with the GFDL, enclosing the full text in all the books.

After purchase, books can be 'published' to allow others to purchase them. These books come at a 10% discount, with a further 10% going to either the compiler or the Wikimedia Foundation.

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  • World Wizzy is a static snapshot taken of Wikipedia in early 2007. It cannot be edited and is online for historic & educational purposes only.