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The Partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future) is a satirical political party of the Netherlands. The party is often named "The Party Party" because their program is heavily based on more parties and more fun in general, even suggesting there should be a "minister of partying".

The party has never won a seat in the Dutch Parliament.

The candidate list of the Party of the Future was filled with Dutch celebrities. Chairman was Johan Vlemmix, enthusiast monarchist and founder of the fanclub for Emily Bremers, the former girlfriend of Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange. Second on the list was Theo Nabuurs, also called Mental Theo. He was famous for his Happy Hardcore house music and his controversial television programs, asking questions about sex in discos filled with youngsters. Third was Eric Dikeb, known for his worldwide famous song The Pizzahut.

The filling of the list led to arguments, because Dutch positivity guru Emile Ratelband was not pleased with his position on the list, wanting to be second after Vlemmix. Emile Ratelband founded his own political party, List Ratelband.

Party of the Future

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