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Olivier J. Blanchard

Olivier J. Blanchard (born December 27, 1948, Amiens, France) <ref>Olivier Blanchard's CV on his MIT webpage [1]</ref> is currently the Class of 1941 Professor of Economics at MIT.

Blanchard earned his Ph.D. in Economics in 1977 at MIT. He taught at Harvard University between 1977 and 1983, after which he returned to MIT as a professor. Between 1998 and 2003 Blanchard served as the Chairman of the Economics Department at MIT. He is also an advisor for the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston (since 1995) and New York (since 2004).

Blanchard has published numerous research papers in the field of macroeconomics, as well as undergraduate and graduate macroeconomics textbooks (including his extremely popular Macroeconomics).

He is married to Noelle Blanchard, and they have 3 daughters Serena, Marie and Giulia.

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Olivier Blanchard

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