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An official script is a script that is specifically designated to be official in the constitutions or other applicable laws of countries, states, and other territories.

Akin to an official language, an official script is much rarer. It is used primarily where an official language is in practice written with two or more scripts. As, in these languages, use of script often has cultural or political connotations, proclamation of an official script is sometimes criticised as having a goal of influencing culture or politics or both. Desired effects also may include easing education, communication and some other aspects of life.

Some countries which have an official script are:

In Russia, the designation of the Cyrillic alphabet as an official script has the consequence that officially recognised minority languages must use it for their script when used officially. This requirement for the official usage of minority languages to be in Cyrillic is considered to be harmful by some, particularly in the case of the Tatar language [citation needed].

In Serbia, because either the Cyrillic or the Latin script may be used for the Serbian language, but only the Cyrillic script is official, some groups argue [citation needed] that this amounts to a discriminatory legal situation.

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