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North Kurdufan (Arabic: شمال كردفان; transliterated: Shamal Kurdufan) is one of the 26 wilayat or states of Sudan. It has an area of 185,302 km² and an estimated population of approximately 1,400,000 (2000). Al-Ubayyid is the capital of the state. North Kurdufan is generally arid and desert. For centuries it was inhabited by nomads and patoralists. The area has had almost continuous drought since the mid 1960s. Deforestation led to the destruction of the natural vegetation. NGO's working in the villages of Sudan tried to rectify the damage. They set up women's centres. These centres made women gain an income. Training was introduced and a solar energy system set up. NGOs recognise that a need exists for longer projects requiring the kind of support that only can come from governments and large agencies.

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