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Nicolaas Gerard Pierson (February 7, 1839 - December 24, 1909) was born in the city of Amsterdam and was a Dutch Liberal financial and economic expert, and statesman. He was a professor and director of the De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch natioanl bank. He was minister of Finance in the Cabinet Van Tienhoven and in this time came with an important tax revision. He served as prime minister of the Netherlands for four years (1897-1901). Became a member of molar district Gorinchem 1905-1909. Pierson is a doctor of honour at the University of Cambridge.


[edit] Family background

Pierson was married in 1862 to Catharina Rutgera Waller, with whom he had no children.

[edit] Work

Pierson's main two economist texts were Grondbeginselen der Staathuiskunde and Leerboek der Staathuiskunde, the latter being translated into English and Italian.

He was also essential in laying the foundations for the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek.

[edit] Trivia

Head of the firm Beckman en Pierson, which traded in cotton and colonial wares, from 1861-1864 alongside H.B. Wiardi Beckman.

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