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Newham Sixth Form College, also known as NewVIc, is a sixth form college established in 1992, which is located on two sites in the London borough of Newham.

There was some local opposition to the college as opening it would mean that all the local school sixth forms had to close. However numbers exceeded the most optimistic estimates, climbing from 750 in the first year to over 2,600 in 2006/07 academic year. Examination results have consistently been the best of any non selective post 16 college in East London. The college runs a very wide range of AS and A levels as well as intermediate and advanced vocational GCEs, BTEC National and First Diplomas and a range of other short courses.

The college has been led since before it opened by Sid Hughes. The success of the college led to the Learning and Skills Council asking him to take the lead on the setting up of BSix Sixth Form College in Hackney. Vice principals have included Satnam Gill, Paul Edwards, Jennifer Sims, Michael Dowd and Orville Gardener.

More than 90% of students between the ages of 16 and 18 are from ethnic minority groups. Most of the students come from areas identified as severely disadvantaged. The college also runs some adult education night classes, as well as providing daytime access for adults to the Learning Resources Centre. The college offers higher education courses in partnership with the University of East London, a range of courses for learners aged 14-16, and is a cricket academy in conjunction with Essex County Cricket Club. It is also designated as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) for digital and broadcast media.

In 2004 it took over the lease of the Stratford Circus arts centre. Since the college took over the responsibility for the management of the centre it has broken even financially, and had a successful relaunch in June 2006. The college works collaboratively with East London Dance, Urban Development, Theatre Venture and NEWCEYS to develop activities at the Circus and contribute to the ongoing regeneration of Stratford, London.

Between 2002 and 2005 the arts and media team at NewVIc undertook the Pathways into Creativity action research project, funded by NESTA, which has become an influential model for teaching, learning and leadership in partnership-based arts education and creative pedagogy. This led to the publication of a book, The Creative College, edited by Graham Jeffery. Themes addressed in this book include inclusion and arts education, managing projects in partnership with professional arts organisations, creativity, learning, and leadership.

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Jeffery, G. (ed) (2005): The Creative College: building a successful learning culture in the arts, Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books

Newham Sixth Form College

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