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The New York - Penn League is a minor league baseball league which operates in the northeastern United States. It is classified as a "short-season Class A" league; its season starts in June, after major-league teams have signed their amateur draft picks to professional contracts, and ends in early September. The league is divided into the McNamara Division, the Pinckney Division, and the Stedler Division.

The league was founded in 1939 with the name "Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League". This was generally shortened to "PONY League". The original teams included the Batavia Clippers; the Bradford Bees; the Hamilton Red Wings; the Jamestown Jaguars; the Niagara Falls Rainbows; and the Olean Oilers. The Oilers, a Brooklyn Dodgers affiliate, won both the regular-season and playoff championships.

The Hamilton Red Wings folded early in the 1956 season, and with no more teams in Ontario, the league adopted its current name in 1957. The league crossed back into Canada with the formation of the St. Catharines Blue Jays in 1986. They were joined by the Hamilton Redbirds in 1987 and the Welland Pirates in 1989, but all three clubs had moved back stateside by 2000.

Currently the league includes teams in Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Vermont, as well as in New York and Pennsylvania.


[edit] Current member teams

McNamara Division:

Pinckney Division:

Stedler Division:

[edit] League Champions By Year

Year Winning Team
2006 Staten Island Yankees
2005 Staten Island Yankees
2004 Mahoning Valley Scrappers
2003 Williamsport Crosscutters
2002 Staten Island Yankees
2001 Brooklyn Cyclones and Williamsport Crosscutters2
2000 Staten Island Yankees
1999 Hudson Valley Renegades
1998 Oneonta Tigers and Auburn Doubledays1
1997 Pittsfield Mets
1996 Vermont Expos
1995 Watertown Indians
1994 New Jersey Cardinals
1993 Niagara Falls Rapids
1992 Geneva Cubs
1991 Jamestown Expos
1990 Oneonta Yankees
1989 Jamestown Expos
1988 Oneonta Yankees
1987 Geneva Cubs
1986 St. Catharines Blue Jays
1985 Oneonta Yankees
1984 Little Falls Mets
1983 Utica Blue Sox
1982 Niagara Falls Sox
1981 Oneonta Yankees
1980 Oneonta Yankees
1979 Oneonta Yankees
1978 Geneva Cubs
1977 Oneonta Yankees
1976 Elmira Pioneers
1975 Newark Co-Pilots
1974 Oneonta Yankees
1973 Auburn Phillies
1972 Niagara Falls Pirates
1971 Oneonta Yankees
1970 Auburn Twins
1969 Oneonta Yankees
1968 Oneonta Yankees
1967 Auburn Twins
1966 Auburn Mets
1965 Binghamton Triplets
1964 Auburn Mets
1963 Batavia Pirates
1962 Auburn Mets
1961 Olean Red Sox
1960 Wellsville Braves
1959 Wellsville Braves
1958 Geneva Redlegs
1957 Erie Sailors
1956 Wellsville Braves
1955 Hamilton Cardinals
1954 Corning Red Sox
1953 Jamestown Falcons
1952 Jamestown Falcons
1951 Hornell Dodgers
1950 Olean Oilers
1949 Bradford Blue Wings
1948 Lockport Reds
1947 Jamestown Falcons
1946 Jamestown Falcons and Batavia Clippers
1945 Batavia Clippers
1944 Jamestown Falcons
1943 Wellsville Yankees
1942 Jamestown Falcons
1941 Bradford Bees
1940 Olean Oilers
1939 Olean Oilers
1co-champions were named in 1998, as torrential rains in Central New York made both Auburn's and Oneonta's fields unplayable
2co-champions were named in 2001, as the championship series was cancelled due to the September 11th attacks

[edit] PONY/NY-Penn League Teams (1939-)

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New York - Penn League
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New York - Penn League

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