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The Netherlands
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New Communist Party-NCPN (Nieuwe Communistische Partij-NCPN) is a Dutch communist political party, founded in 1992 by a group of CPN-members who refused to join GroenLinks (Green Left) together with the rest of the CPN.

The NCPN publishes a newspaper titled Manifest (Manifesto) which appears once every two weeks, with news from inside and outside the nation.

The NCPN is a nation wide party. In 2002 it won municipal seats in Reiderland (largest party, 5 seats), Lemsterland (2 seat) and Heiloo (1 seat). Attempts to be elected in the Tweede Kamer (parliament) failed, the number of votes decreasing with every election.

In the 2006 municipal elections the party contested the following municipalities:

  • Amersfoort, 242 votes (0.4%), 0 seats
  • Amsterdam, 490 votes (0.2%), 0 seats
  • Enschede, 291 votes (0.5%), 0 seats
  • Groningen, 539 votes (0.6%), 0 seats
  • Heiloo, 1025 votes (9.2%), 1 seat (there were enough votes for a second seat, but the party list contained only 1 candidate).
  • Lemsterland, 1038 votes (16.3%), 3 seats
  • Reiderland, 621 votes (18.3%), 2 seats
  • Scheemda, 110 votes (1,5%), 0 seats (a dissident communist list scored 14,8% and got 2 seats - in 1998 the NCPN had also taken two seats with 12,9% of the vote)

A youth organization, Communistische Jongeren Beweging, was founded on September 21 2003. CJB publishes Voorwaarts (Forward).

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