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The Netherlands cabinet Den Uyl was a left-wing coalition of PvdA, PPR, D66, KVP and ARP. The last two political parties were actually right-wing, but left-wing elements within these parties supported cabinet den Uyl to create a left-wing majority. Negotiations between the parties were hard because of collision between uncompromising left-wing radicals and the moderate factions of the left-wing parties and the left-wing Christians. The cabinet is seen as very humanist, thinking with the heart instead of the wallet. But this led to an increase of the debts due to an increase in government spending. The aim of the cabinet was to spread income, knowledge and power among the population. The cabinet was confronted with many problems: the oil-crises, the terrorist attacks of the Moluccans, the Lockheed affair and the closing of the abortion clinic Bloemenhove. Many plans couldn't be accomplished because of these problems. The cabinet fell because of a conflict about the development plans of the Dutch surface. Deeper cause was the left-wing mistrust for the Christian ministers, especially in the case of war criminal Menten, where Vice-Prime Minister Dries van Agt, was ridiculed (so believed Van Agt) by some partymenbers of Prime Minister Joop den Uyl.

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Netherlands cabinet Den Uyl

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