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The Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS, Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) is one of the Dutch broadcasters in the Dutch public broadcasting system, Publieke Omroep. The NOS has a stationary obligation to make news and sports programmes for the three Dutch public television channels and the Dutch public radio services.


[edit] History and development

The NOS was established by a law passed by the Dutch parliament on 28 February 1967 to merge the Netherlands Radio Union (established 1947) and the Netherlands Television Foundation (established 1951). It was given the requirement to co-ordinate the between the pillar organisations and run the transmitting stations, as well as providing at least 25% of television and 15% of radio output. [1]

Since December 1994, NOS responsibilities have been more and more confined to the provision of impartial news, sports and live events. A management plan is in place to restructure NOS by 2006 to create a 24-hour newsgathering organisation and to "[transform] from a heavily platform-oriented organisation into one that achieves a balance between platform and theme orientation" [2] which may possibly mean splitting Publieke Omroep further from NOS.

[edit] Television

The television programmes of the NOS are all news or sports programs. The NOS is responsible for the following programmes:

  • NOS Journaal - One of the most important news programmes in the Netherlands. It is broadcasted on all public television stations. The premier bulletin is the eight o'clock news on Nederland 1, but the NOS also has important editions of the Journaal at six and ten o'clock. In the morning, short editions of the Journaal (about 8-10 minutes) are broadcasted every hour.
  • NOS Jeugd Journaal - A news programme for children and teens aimed at 8 - 12 year olds.
  • NOS Studio Sport - A sports programme covering the most popular sports, like Football (only international matches such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League, the rights for the Dutch Eredivisie were bought in the summer of 2005 by the new commercial television channel Talpa), tennis, ice skating, cycling and fieldhockey. The editorial staff is also responsible for the NOS Sportjournaal, a news programme about sport.
  • The NOS is also responsable for broadcasting special events, like the September 11 attacks, weddings of the Dutch royal family and the Dutch elections. (These department was called NOS Actueel, but that name is defunct since on 1-1-2006 NOS RTV changed its corporate identity)
  • NOVA/NOS Den Haag Vandaag - A current affairs programme. The NOS is only responsible for 'Den Haag Vandaag' (The Hague Today), the political coverage in the programme. VARA and NPS, two other Dutch public broadcasters, are responsible for the rest of the programme.

[edit] Radio

On the radio the NOS is responsible for the following programmes:

[edit] Internet

The NOS is also responsible for the news and sports site of the Dutch public broadcasters. The editorial staff of the internet pages is also responsible for the teletext pages on Nederland 1, Nederland 2 and Nederland 3.

[edit] References

  1.   Paulu, Burton (1967). Radio and Television Broadcasting on the European Continent pp. 71-75. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
  2.   Hilversummary magazine number 2, June 2005, pp. 4-5, "On the way to a 'New NOS'". PDF document available

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