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Nedap (N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek) is a Dutch company building voting machines among other electronic solutions.


[edit] Electronic voting machines

[edit] Netherlands

In the Netherlands more than 90% of the population vote using ES3B machines from Nedap. On 5 October 2006 the group "Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet" ("We do not trust voting machines") demonstrated on Dutch television how the ES3B machines could be manipulated in five minutes. The exchange of the software would not be recognisable by voters or election officials. <ref>Nedap/Groenendaal ES3B voting computer, a security analysis</ref> <ref>Dutch citizens group cracks Nedap's voting computer</ref>

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[edit] Election fraud in Landerd

Apparently there was a case of an election official misinforming voters of when their vote is recorded and later recording it himself during municipality elections in the city of Zeeland,Landerd, Netherlands in 2006. A candidate was also an election official and got the unusual amount of 181 votes in the polling place where he was working. In the other three polling places together he got 11 votes. <ref>Statement of voting machine manufacturer Nedap (German)</ref> Only circumstantial evidence could be found because the voting machine was a direct-recording electronic voting machine, in a poll by a local newspaper the results were totally different. The case is still under prosecution.<ref>Raadslid Landerd is stuk minder populair in schaduwverkiezing (dutch)</ref>

[edit] Germany

Germany used 2000 Nedap machines (ESD1 and ESD2) in the 2005 elections for the Bundestag. The difference between the machines used in the Netherlands and Germany is mainly due to differences in the voting laws.

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[edit] Ireland

Ireland purchased 7500 Nedap machines in 2003 but is not using them yet because of security concerns.<ref>Cullen rules out use of e-voting in June</ref>

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