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Native Americans is a term which has several different common meanings and scope, according to regional use and context. See the below articles, which describe various indigenous peoples in the following contexts:

Native American is the academically correct term for indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. It is consistent with terms like Italian American, Asian American, African American, and other terms that denote geographic origins of people.

When used in the United States, Native American may often refer to all indigenous peoples of North and South America collectively, but in most other countries the term is generally used to indicate indigenous people from the United States only.

"Native American" also sometimes used to refer to an individual born into an American country. It is more correct to refer to anyone born in the western hemisphere as an "American native," a "Native American" is a person who has a family history in the Western Hemisphere that extens back at least one thousand years. In 19th-century United States politics, native Americans (NOT indigenous peoples, but usually White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) also referred to members of the Native American Party or the associated movement, which has come to be known instead as the Know-Nothing movement.

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