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For the alt folk band , see National School (band).

A national school is a particular type of primary school in Ireland that is not directly financed or administered by the State. Rather, the affairs and policies of the school are managed by local people, often directed by a member of the clergy, through a local Board of Management. Most schools in Ireland fall into this category, which is a pre-independence concept.

Local people are expected to contribute towards capital expenses of the school, whilst teachers' salaries are paid by the state. The day-to-day business of the school is managed by a Principal or Headteacher, as with other schools. However, the state oversees the curriculum and makes regular inspections to ensure that standards are kept and national policies are followed.

[edit] National Schools in England and Wales

Historically, a National School in England and Wales was a school originally established by The National Society[1] to teach an Anglican education. British Schools by comparison taught a non-sectarian education.

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