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The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is the first and largest national professional organization created for the purpose of serving school psychologists. Its mission statement states that it "represents and supports school psychology through leadership to enhance the mental health and educational competence of all children." NASP provides standards for ethics and practice, and approves graduate training programs that sufficiently adhere to its training guidelines. NASP is a constituent member of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and although NCATE accredits units (e.g., Colleges of Education), not programs, it does provide "national recognition" status to NASP-approved programs located in units accredited by NCATE [1].

The organization also offers an opportunity for those who have successfully completed their graduate coursework, participated in a 1200-hour internship with at least 600 hours in school settings, and received a score of at least 660 on the School Psychologist Praxis II Examination to apply for National Certification in School Psychology.

While the American Psychological Association (APA) serves similar purposes through Division 16, one way that NASP differs fundamentally from the APA is in that it officially recognizes the specialist degree as the entry-level degree for the field, as opposed to the doctoral degree. The two organizations, however, are more complimentary than competing. Many view NASP as the governing body for sub-doctoral school psychologists and the APA as the governing body for doctoral-level school psychologists, although there are many doctoral-level school psychologists who belong to NASP. Further, NASP approval of graduate programs does not compete with APA accrediation; the APA does not accredit non-doctoral programs [2], and NASP will more quickly approve programs that have already been APA-accredited [3].

The National Association of School Psychologists distributes two publications: School Psychology Review, which is the second-largest psychology academic journal and includes research and theory related to school psychology, and Communiqué, which is the official newspaper of NASP, covering news, events, innovative practices, legislative developments, and other topics relevant to the field.

The 2006/2007 NASP Executive Council:

  • Carl DiMartino (President)
  • Rhonda Armistead (President Elect)
  • Bill Pfohl (Past President)
  • Barbara Fischetti (Secretary)
  • Leslie Paige (Treasurer)

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