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Nahnu Jund Allah Jund Al-Watan (Arabic: نحن جند للہ جند الوطن) is the national anthem of Sudan


[edit] Original (Arabic)

نحن جند الله جند الوطن

ان دعى داعى الفداء لم نخن

نتحدى الموت عند المحن

نشترى المجد بأغلى ثمن

هذه الأرض لنا فليعيش سوداننا

عالما بين الأمم

يا بنى السودان هذا رمزكـم

يحمل العبء و يحمي أرضكم

[edit] Words

"We are the army of God and of our land,
We shall never fail when called to sacrifice.
Whether braving death, hardship or pain,
We give our lives as the price of glory.
May this Our land, Sudan, live long,
Showing all nations the way.
Sons of the Sudan, summoned now to serve,
Shoulder the task of preserving our country."

[edit] Note

The current national anthem of the Republic of the Sudan was originially the anthem of the Sudanese Armed Forces (prior to independence). As independence was so rushed, the leaders of Sudan at the time did not write a new national anthem and utilized the anthem of the Armed Forces. It is speculated that there is a new national anthem being created along with a new flag and a new national currency

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Nahnu Jund Allah Jund Al-watan

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