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Mlađan Dinkić (Млађан Динкић; born December 20 1964 in Belgrade, Serbia) is the Minister of Finance of Serbia since 2004.


[edit] Education

  • 1988: B.A., University of Belgrade, School of Economics

[edit] Current Work and Professional Experience

[edit] Published books

  • Final Account: Economic Consequences of the NATO Bombing: Estimates of Damage and Finance for Economic Reconstruction of the FRY,Belgrade 1999
  • The Economy of Destruction (Ekonomija Destrukcije), Belgrade 1995, 1996, 1997 (5 editions)
  • Measuring The Economic Efficiency of Resource Utilisation, Belgrade 1994

[edit] International specialization and seminars

[edit] Main Research Areas

  • High inflation and shadow financial markets
  • Public sector deficits and its macroeconomic implications
  • Measuring efficiency of resource use (on the macro and project level)

[edit] Hobbies

[edit] Curiosity

Mlađan Dinkić

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