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Military of Zimbabwe
Military manpower
Military age 18
Availability males age 15–49: 2,840,053 (2005 est.)
Fit for military service males age 15–49: 1,148,590 (2005 est.)
Reaching military age annually males: n/a
Active troops 30,000
Military expenditures
Amount $217 million (2004)
Percent of GDP 4.3% (2004)

At the time of independence, the then Prime Minister Mugabe declared that integrating Zimbabwe's three armed forces would be one of Zimbabwe's top priorities. The existing Rhodesian forces were combined with the two guerilla armies;the 20,000-strong ZANLA forces of ZANU-PF and the 15,000-strong ZIPRA forces of PF-ZAPU.

Currently the armed forces of Zimbabwe are completely integrated and are composed of an army (ZNA) and an air force (AFZ). The ZNA currently has an active duty strength of 30,000. The air force has about 5,000 men assigned. In July 1994 the combined Zimbabwe Defence Forces Headquarters was created. The branches are Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Republic Police (includes Police Support Unit, Paramilitary Police).

In 1999, the Government of Zimbabwe sent a sizeable military force into the Democratic Republic of Congo to support the government of President Laurent Kabila during the Second Congo War. Those forces were largely withdrawn in 2002. The current main service rifle is the L85A2 assault rifle. See also: Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade

Zimbabwe Ministry of Defence

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