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Mick Jagger
Background information

<tr><td>Birth name</td><td colspan="2">Michael Philip Jagger</td></tr><tr><td>Born</td><td colspan="2">July 26 1943 (age 74)</td></tr><tr><td>Origin</td><td colspan="2">Image:Flag of England (bordered).svg Dartford, Kent, England</td></tr><tr><td>Genre(s)</td><td colspan="2">Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, R&B, Reggae, Blues</td></tr><tr><td>Occupation(s)</td><td colspan="2">Singer, songwriter, record producer</td></tr><tr><td>Years active</td><td colspan="2">1962–present</td></tr><tr><td textalign="top" style="padding-right: 1em;">Associated
</td><td colspan="2">The Rolling Stones</td></tr><tr><td>Website</td><td colspan="2"></td></tr>

Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, KBE (born July 26, 1943) is an English rock musician, actor, songwriter, record and film producer, and businessman. He is best known as the lead singer of the rock 'n' roll band The Rolling Stones.


[edit] Early life

Jagger was born into a middle-class family at Livingstone Hospital, East Hill, Dartford, Kent, England. His father, Basil "Joe" Jagger (6 April, 191311 November, 2006), and his paternal grandfather were both teachers; his mother, Eva (13 April, 191318 May, 2000), an Australian immigrant to England, was an active member of the Conservative Party. Jagger was the older of two sons and was raised to follow in his father's career path. Academically successful, he attended Dartford Grammar School, before entering the London School of Economics on a scholarship. He studied for a degree in accounting and finance, attended for less than a year and did not graduate; dropping out to pursue a musical career.

This decision was not approved by his mother and was reluctantly accepted by his father. Jagger has stated in interviews he could not blame his parents for their mistrust of his choice; even he doubted a life-long career in music was possible.

As a student, Jagger frequented a London club called "the Firehouse". At the age of 19, Jagger began performing as a singer. Like Keith Richards and other members of the Rolling Stones, Jagger had no formal musical training and did not know how to read music. He frequented clubs such as the famous Marquee Club or The Ealing Club, and admired the same type of blues musicians that Brian Jones and Keith Richards favoured. In fact, Elmore James was one of the band's early favourites, as well as anything from Chess Records in Chicago.

While Jagger knew Keith Richards as a schoolmate, the songwriters reunited when Richards saw Jagger with a blues record under his arm, and asked him where he purchased it. The group, combined with Jones, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart, and Charlie Watts formed the Rolling Stones, based on the Muddy Waters tune "Rollin' Stone." Stewart was dropped from the band for not fitting the image desired by manager Andrew Loog Oldham, but still toured with the band as a pianist until his death in 1985. It was Oldham who insisted that Jagger call himself "Mick" rather than "Mike", a name he continued to use among friends; for example, John Lennon calls him Mike in the 1968 film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.

[edit] The Rolling Stones

Jagger was not an immediate success as lead singer of The Rolling Stones. By his own admission, he was a stiff and awkward school boy in front of an audience, but in the same way the Stones learned how to play and write songs – through imitating other artists – Jagger developed a stage presence. When the Stones began to play live gigs throughout England with other artists, such as Ike and Tina Turner, Jagger learned from other singers how to work an audience and quickly developed his own unique style. As his songwriting and recording career emerged, Richards became his main collaborator, which cemented a close friendship. Brian Jones became more of an isolated figure in the band, as he was unable to contribute to the songwriting process. When the band first started coming together in 1962, Mick and Keith met a girl named Emma DelliCarpini. She was about the same age as the two. All three became close friends almost instantly, and Emma and Mick later started dating. Since Mick's first marriage the status of the two has been unknown, but sources tell us that the two still keep in touch, not just as friends but as an on-again-off-again couple.[citation needed]

[edit] The London years

In 1967, Jagger and Richards were arrested and charged with drug possession after a highly-publicised raid on Richards' country house, during which it was alleged that Marianne Faithfull was found naked except for a fur rug wrapped around her. The raid was later revealed to have been prompted by a tip-off to the London Drug Squad by journalists working for the News of the World, which at the time was running a series of lurid reports about the alleged use of illegal drugs by British pop stars.

In one of these reports, Jagger was alleged to have spent an evening at a London club in the company of a journalist, during which he openly discussed his drug-taking and invited others back to his flat "for a smoke". When the report was published, it became obvious that the hapless journalist had mistaken Jagger for Brian Jones – whereupon Jagger promptly sued the paper News of the World for defamation.

However this legal action was stymied by his and Richards' subsequent arrest. The trial made front-page news around the world. Despite Jagger claiming that the pills allegedly found in his possession had been prescribed to him, both were found guilty.

The severity of the sentences handed down (imprisonment with hard labour) caused a major public outcry. It was also the subject of the famous editorial by William Rees-Mogg, editor of The Times, titled "Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?" In it, Rees-Mogg asserted that it was Jagger's and Richards' celebrity that made them targets and that their sentences for first offences were harsher than "any purely anonymous young man" would have received. Their convictions were overturned on appeal, and they subsequently were released, though the other person arrested with them, noted London art dealer Robert Fraser, served six months.

It was during this period that Jagger took over as the effective leader of The Rolling Stones, as founder Brian Jones became more and more incapacitated by his spiralling drug use. Jones was fired from the band in June 1969 and accidentally drowned in his swimming pool only weeks later (though rumours persist that he was murdered or had committed suicide) [citation needed].

[edit] International success

After the band's acrimonious split with their second manager, Allen B. Klein, Jagger took control of their business affairs and has managed them ever since in collaboration with his friend and colleague, Prince Rupert von Löwenstein. Decades after the band's creation, The Rolling Stones continue to perform and to court controversy. The release of their 2005 album A Bigger Bang included the song "Sweet Neo Con" in which Jagger's lyrics openly attack the presidency of George W. Bush. In February 2006, they appeared during the Super Bowl broadcast, and Jagger was asked to omit words that had sexual connotations from two songs which would be heard by a vast family audience. He did not comply with this request, but his microphone was momentarily dipped. The Stones went on to make their first visit to Puerto Rico, playing to a sell-out audience of 20,000 at the new Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum. Tickets to the concert were being sold for up to $1,000, more than twice the top published price of $460. On April 8 2006, the Stones performed in Shanghai, their first ever show in mainland China. Jagger has also signed on to appear regularly in a television sitcom based on the theme of a small group of inept thieves who want to rob him. The sitcom's working title was Let's Rob Mick Jagger, but it was later renamed to The Knights of Prosperity.

[edit] Stage presence and mannerisms

His stage presence is largely unimitated. He frequently runs and skips across the stage between verses. One feature that has become prevalent within the last decade is his tendency to walk towards the front of the stage and then retreat towards the drum kit by taking several steps backwards, before returning to the front of the stage and repeating the process several times.

His interaction with and acknowledgement of the other members of the Rolling Stones is usually limited. However, he occasionally gets Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood into playful headlocks.

During concerts, items such as clothing that are thrown onto the stage by members of the audience are usually kicked off.

Hours before the band's show in Las Vegas on November 11, 2006, Jagger's father passed away at the age of 93.[1] However, the band decided to go on with the show.

[edit] Criticism and controversy

Jagger has come under fire throughout most his career but the majority has come from music industry insiders and fans, as opposed to opponents of rock and roll.

The most damning contention is related to the Stones' Altamont Free Concert at Altamont Speedway in California. In an effort to keep them from disrupting the free concert, the Rolling Stones hired the Hells Angels as concert security. However, the plan backfired as the Angels injured several fans, killing one – Meredith Hunter, an eighteen-year-old black man. It was also rumoured that the Angels supplied drugs at the concert. The Rolling Stones have completely denied ever hiring the Angels.

It was rumoured that the Stones, and Jagger in particular, not only did not try to stop the violence, but encouraged it, by singing "Sympathy for the Devil" while Hunter died [citation needed]. Other rumours circulated that Jagger, despite his blues-based band and songs such as "Brown Sugar", was racist and did not want a black fan at his concert. Neither rumour was true; concert tapes clearly show Jagger trying to calm the audience and end the violence, and Jagger has been a vocal anti-racist [citation needed]. Additionally, the Stones were actually playing "Under My Thumb" during Hunter's murder, but due to media pressure, they dropped "Sympathy for the Devil" from most of their 1970s US live set lists.

[edit] Private life and public image

[edit] Relationships

Mick Jagger has become well known over the years for his high profile and often infamous relationships, such as the one with singer/actress Marianne Faithfull in the mid-1960s. He has seven children by four different women, and has been the subject of many scandals over the years.

As well as having several official and public relationships, Jagger has been linked to Sophie Dahl, Carly Simon, Uma Thurman, Helmut Berger, and Angela Bowie. Mick Jagger's first child was born when he was 27. The mother, fellow singer Marsha Hunt, gave birth to daughter Karis Jagger on November 4, 1970. The couple were not married and did not remain together for long after the birth as Jagger became acquainted with activist Bianca Moreno de Macias.

In May 1971, Jagger married de Macias, later known as Bianca Jagger. Bianca, born in Managua, Nicaragua, in 1945, was a social and political activist who had studied political science and French Literature, and was virtually unknown before her marriage to Jagger. Later that same year, Bianca gave birth to her first child and Jagger's second. Jade Jagger, born on October 21, 1971, lived with her parents in London. With Bianca, Jagger entered the world of high international celebrity, as evidenced by the jet set hangers-on to their 1972 American Tour and afterwards. Mick and Bianca separated in 1979 and divorced in 1980.

After he separated from Bianca Jagger, Jagger became involved with Texan supermodel Jerry Hall in the early 1980s. Jerry Hall was rumoured to be the 'other woman' who broke up the marriage between Mick and Bianca. In 1984 when Hall gave birth to the couple's first child - Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger. Elizabeth was born on March 2, 1984, in London and became known as 'Lizzy'. The birth of their child became headline news as Jerry Hall was engaged to singer Bryan Ferry at the time. Hall had appeared on several of his album covers, and they had planned to marry. After this, Hall became Jagger's companion and Ferry wrote the song "Cry, Cry, Cry" about her. Partners Hall and Jagger then had their second child together, James Leroy Augustin Jagger in 1985. It was also this year that Jagger famously claimed that marrying Hall would give him 'claustrophobia'. However, despite this claim the two were married in 1990 while holidaying in Bali. This marriage has since been disputed since it was not properly conducted and may not have been legally valid. Nevertheless, Jagger and Hall soon after had a third child together - Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger. Their youngest child, son Gabriel Luke Beauregard was born in 1997. Jerry Hall separated from Mick Jagger in 1999 after model Luciana Gimenez claimed she was pregnant with Jagger's child. She further filed for divorce when a DNA test proved this to be true. It had been rumored an affair took place between the two earlier although nothing had come of it. Luciana and Jagger's son Lucas Jagger was born in 1999.

While attempting to divorce Mick Jagger, it was found that Jerry Hall had never actually been married to Jagger at all. Their Hindu wedding on a beach in Bali was, in fact, not recognised under English Law - therefore eliminating the possibility of divorce. Instead Hall had the marriage annulled in 1999, officially ending the 22-year partnership. To this day, Hall has maintained Mick Jagger is a good father and friend of hers. She has claimed he owns a flat next door and that they get along better than ever before. After their divorce, Jagger did not continue a relationship with Gimenez, but he did continue to support her and see his son. She lives with her son in New York and Brazil.

In more recent years, Jagger has been touring the world and producing albums - solo and with The Rolling Stones. However, in 2005, he arrived at the Grammy Awards with fashion stylist L'Wren Scott and called her his "main point of interest". She has been seen on his current A Bigger Bang Tour and lives in Hollywood.

[edit] You're So Vain

Jagger dated singer and songwriter Carly Simon in the late 1960s. In 1973, she wrote and recorded the number one hit You're So Vain about a prior boyfriend whom she claimed was "so vain/I betcha think this song is about you". Since Simon was newly married, many suspected it was about either Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson or Mick Jagger, who sang harmony on the song. Jagger has never commented on the rumour, nor has Simon ever put it to rest. She has denied it being all four on different occasions but also hinted at it being Beatty and Jagger. It was assumed the song was not about Jagger when Carly Simon joined Janet Jackson in 2000 for a remix of the song called "Son of a Gun," which sampled "You're So Vain". In the song, Simon says "The apricot scarf was worn by Nick/there's nothing in the words that refer to Mick".

[edit] David Bowie rumour

In 1990, five years after David Bowie and Mick Jagger covered the hit song "Dancing In the Streets", Bowie's ex-wfe Angela claimed on The Joan Rivers Show that she had caught the two men sleeping together. Angela implied the two had a sexual relationship and that they were both bisexual.

After the claim, Bowie and his lawyers denied the rumour in an official statement. Jagger dismissed it as "complete rubbish". Angela has been accused of fabricating the story in advance of her gag order ending, which was shortly before the Rivers show. However, to this day she maintains that the two were in bed together. She has confirmed she did not see any sexual interaction but states that she knew "in her heart".

[edit] Knighthood

At age 60, despite having spent most of his life an icon of rock rebelliousness, Mick Jagger was knighted on 12 December 2003, for his "services to popular music".

The lack of fuss over his knighthood marked a shift in British attitudes since 1965, when some outraged dignitaries returned their medals in protest after the Beatles were made Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Rolling Stone Keith Richards dissented and said: "I thought it was ludicrous to take one of those gongs from the establishment... it's not what the Stones is about, is it? I don't want to step out on stage with someone wearing a fucking coronet and sporting the old ermine. I told Mick, it's a fucking paltry honour." [2]

Jagger laughed off the criticism from Richards. "I think he would probably like to get the same honor himself", Jagger said. "It's like being given an ice cream — one gets one and they all want one. It's nothing new. Keith likes to make a fuss."

The announcement of Jagger's honour did elicit some a couple of angry letters to The Daily Telegraph. A Canadian woman whose husband, mother and grandfather all received honours wrote: "By giving a knighthood to a rogue like Mick Jagger, the prime minister has denigrated all the worthy recipients of honors from Her Majesty the Queen."

Jagger sported a designer suit with leather lapels and black suede and leather sneakers for the formal investiture. He denied that he had betrayed his unconventional past, which epitomized the "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" lifestyle.

"I don't think the establishment as we knew it exists any more", he told reporters. "Honours are very nice, as long as you don't take it all too seriously".

Jagger came to the ceremony with his 90-year-old father Joe — who decades earlier chided his son's passion for "jungle music" — and daughters Karis, 32, and Elizabeth, 19.

Jagger's father, Joe, died on 11 November 2006 after suffering from pneumonia. His death, at the age of 93, caused Mick Jagger to depart the second leg of the North American A Bigger Bang Tour for the funeral.

[edit] Religion

Mick Jagger has sung about religious concepts over the years with The Rolling Stones ("Sympathy for the Devil, "Blinded by Rainbows, Saint of Me") and in solo projects. For example, his Wandering Spirit and Goddess in the Doorway albums carry this theme. In 1999, Jagger joined the Kabbalah religion and Hollywood Centre with wife Jerry Hall. The mystic Jewish sect was so popular with the Jaggers that they held an evening to promote the church, which Ron Wood, Bill Wyman and Rav Berg attended.

In Jagger's song "Joy" on Goddess in the Doorway, Jagger proclaims "I was looking for the buddha when I found Jesus Christ." The song is a duet with U2's Bono.

Jagger and Hall later lost interest in the church. Jerry Hall proclaimed in a 2004 interview, "We couldn't go through the door of miracles unless we gave them 10 percent of our money".

[edit] Trivia

  • Jagger is an avid cricket fan.
  • He confessed before the Super Bowl XL Half Time Show that he had never really wanted to do it. When asked whether he'd wanted to play, Jagger replied "not really".
  • Jagger is reported to be related to Joseph Jagger, the engineer who in 1875 used his knowledge of the quirks of the roulette wheels at a Monte Carlo casino to win the equivalent of over $4 million and fame as "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" [3]
  • In 1972, a paleontologist named a new fossil snail Anomphalus jaggerius, and in 1995, a pair of paleontologists, Adrain & Edgecombe, named a new fossil trilobite genus Aegrotocatellus - the name is Latin for sick puppy - and in this genus they named the species Aegrotocatellus jaggeri after Mick.
  • His height is reportedly 5'10" (1.78 m), though some sources say he is 5'8" (1.73 m).
  • Mick Jagger is renowned for his prominent lips, a feature which The Rolling Stones have frequently used on artwork and promotional material.
  • The British satire programme Spitting Image had a Mick Jagger puppet.
  • In 1995 Mick Jagger was elected Honorary President of the students union of the college he dropped out of - the LSE Students Union, narrowly beating a joint nomination for Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat with Mother Teresa in third position. He was presented with the Honorary Presidency by the then Students' Union General Secretary Martin Lewis (financial journalist)[4] at Wembley Stadium in Summer 1995. Mick was informed that he had an 'open offer to continue his degree in Accounting and Finance' at any point - he declined.
  • He is a sometime actor, appearing in occasional art films such as Bent and The Man from Elysian Fields. One of his more mainstream roles was as a persistent heavy in Freejack.

[edit] Solo discography

[edit] Soundtrack work

[edit] Solo singles

  • "Memo from Turner" (November 1970) #32 UK
  • "Don't Look Back" (September 1978) #43 UK; #81 US (Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger)
  • "State Of Shock" (June 1984) #14 UK; #3 US (Jacksons & Mick Jagger)
  • "Just Another Night" (February 1985) #32 UK; #12 US [US Mainstream Rock #1]
  • "Lucky In Love" (April 1985) #91 UK; #38 US [US Mainstream Rock #5]
  • "Lonely At The Top" (April 1985) [US Mainstream Rock #9]
  • "Dancing in the Street" (with David Bowie) (August 1985) #1 UK; #7 US [US Mainstream Rock #3]
  • "Ruthless People" (July 1986) #51 US [US Mainstream Rock #14]
  • "Let's Work" (September 1987) #31 UK; #39 US [US Mainstream Rock #7]
  • "Throwaway" (November 1987) #67 US [US Mainstream Rock #7]
  • "Say You Will" (December 1987) [US Mainstream Rock #39]
  • "Sweet Thing" (January 1993) #24 UK; #84 US [US Mainstream Rock #34]
  • "Wired All Night" (March 1993) [US Mainstream Rock #3]
  • "Don't Tear Me Up" (April 1993) #86 UK [US Mainstream Rock #1]
  • "God Gave Me Everything" (October 2001) [US Mainstream Rock #24]
  • "Visions Of Paradise" (March 2002) #43 UK
  • "Old Habits Die Hard" (October 2004) (Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart) #45 UK

[edit] Filmography

Jagger has appeared in the following movies:

  1. Performance (1970)
  2. Ned Kelly (1970)
  3. Umano non umano (1972)
  4. Wings of Ash: Pilot for a dramatisation of the life of Antonin Artaud (1978)
  5. Running Out of Luck (1987)
  6. Freejack (1992)
  7. Bent (1997)
  8. Mein liebster Feind (aka My Best Fiend) - with Klaus Kinski (1999)
  9. Enigma (2001)
  10. The Man from Elysian Fields (2001)
  11. Mayor of the Sunset Strip (2003)

In 1995, Mick Jagger founded "Jagged Films" with a mission to develop and produce feature films that encompassed a wide spectrum of topics and genres. Jagged Films was primarily directed towards the broader international markets.

[edit] External links

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