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This is a list of Members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom in the 2004 to 2009 session, ordered by name.

See European Parliament Election, 2004 (UK) for a list ordered by constituency.

Delegation (1973)
1st Term (1979)
2nd Term (1984)
3rd Term (1989)
4th Term (1994)
5th Term (1999)
6th Term (2004)


[edit] Current members

Name Constituency Party Party Group
Jim AllisterNorthern IrelandDUPNI
Richard AshworthSouth East EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Robert AtkinsNorth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Elspeth AttwoollScotlandLibDemALDE
Gerard BattenLondonUKIPInd & Dem
Christopher BeazleyEast of EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Godfrey BloomYorkshire and the HumberUKIPInd & Dem
Graham BoothSouth West EnglandUKIPInd & Dem
John BowisLondonConservativeEPP–ED
Sharon Bowles1South East EnglandLibDemALDE
Philip BradbournWest MidlandsConservativeEPP–ED
Philip Bushill-MatthewsWest MidlandsConservativeEPP–ED
Martin CallananNorth East EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Michael CashmanWest MidlandsLabourPES
Giles ChichesterSouth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Derek ClarkEast MidlandsUKIPInd & Dem
Richard CorbettYorkshire and the HumberLabourPES
Chris DaviesNorth West EnglandLibDemALDE
Bairbre de BrúnNorthern IrelandSinn FéinEUL-NGL
Nirj DevaSouth East EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Den DoverNorth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Andrew DuffEast of EnglandLibDemALDE
James EllesSouth East EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Jillian EvansWalesPCGreens–EFA
Jonathan EvansWalesConservativeEPP–ED
Robert EvansLondonLabourPES
Nigel FarageSouth East EnglandUKIPInd & Dem
Glyn FordSouth West EnglandLabourPES
Neena GillWest Midlands LabourPES
Fiona HallNorth East EnglandLibDemALDE
Daniel HannanSouth East EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Malcolm HarbourWest MidlandsConservativeEPP–ED
Chris Heaton-HarrisEast MidlandsConservativeEPP–ED
Roger HelmerEast MidlandsConservativeEPP–ED
Mary HoneyballLondonLabourPES
Richard HowittEast of EnglandLabourPES
Ian HudghtonScotlandSNPGreens–EFA
Stephen HughesNorth East EnglandLabourPES
Caroline JacksonSouth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Syed Kamall2LondonConservativeEPP–ED
Saj KarimNorth West EnglandLibDemALDE
Robert Kilroy-Silk3East MidlandsVeritasNI
Glenys KinnockWalesLabourPES
Timothy KirkhopeYorkshire and the HumberConservativeEPP–ED
Roger KnapmanSouth West EnglandUKIPInd & Dem
Jean LambertLondonGreens (E&W)Greens–EFA
Caroline LucasSouth East EnglandGreens (E&W)Greens–EFA
Sarah LudfordLondonLibDemALDE
Liz LynneWest MidlandsLibDemALDE
David MartinScotlandLabourPES
Linda McAvanYorkshire and the HumberLabourPES
Arlene McCarthyNorth West EnglandLabourPES
Edward McMillan-ScottYorkshire and the HumberConservativeEPP–ED
Claude MoraesLondonLabourPES
Eluned MorganWalesLabourPES
Ashley Mote4South East EnglandIndependentNI
Mike NattrassWest MidlandsUKIPInd & Dem
Bill Newton DunnEast MidlandsLibDemALDE
Emma NicholsonSouth East EnglandLibDemALDE
Jim NicholsonNorthern IrelandUUPEPP–ED
Neil ParishSouth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
John PurvisScotlandConservativeEPP–ED
Brian Simpson5North West EnglandLabourPES
Peter SkinnerSouth East EnglandLabourPES
Alyn SmithScotlandSNPGreens–EFA
Struan StevensonScotlandConservativeEPP–ED
Catherine StihlerScotlandLabourPES
Robert SturdyEast of EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
David SumbergNorth West EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Charles TannockLondonConservativeEPP–ED
Jeffrey TitfordEast of EnglandUKIPInd & Dem
Gary TitleyNorth West EnglandLabourPES
Geoffrey van OrdenEast of EnglandConservativeEPP–ED
Diana WallisYorkshire and the HumberLibDemALDE
Graham WatsonSouth West EnglandLibDemALDE
John WhittakerNorth West EnglandUKIPInd & Dem
Glenis Willmott6East MidlandsLabourPES
Tom WiseEast of EnglandUKIPInd & Dem

[edit] Former members

Name Region Party Date Reason for departure
Chris HuhneSouth East EnglandLibDemMay 11, 2005Resigned on election to the House of Commons
Theresa VilliersLondonConservativeMay 11, 2005Resigned on election to the House of Commons
Phillip WhiteheadEast MidlandsLabourDecember 31, 2005Deceased
Terry WynnNorth West EnglandLabourAugust 27, 2006Resigned after reaching 60th birthday

[edit] Footnotes

  1. Sharon Bowles replaced Chris Huhne on May 12, 2005.
  2. Syed Kamall replaced Theresa Villiers on May 12, 2005.
  3. Robert Kilroy-Silk was elected as a member of UKIP, and sat in the Independence and Democracy group. He resigned the UKIP whip on October 27, 2004 and founded Veritas on February 2, 2005.
  4. Ashley Mote was elected as a member of UKIP, and sat in the Independence and Democracy group. He was suspended from UKIP group on July 16, 2004.
  5. Terry Wynn resigned on August 27, 2006 and was replaced by Brian Simpson.
  6. Phillip Whitehead died on December 31, 2005, and was replaced by Glenis Willmott on January 1, 2006.

Members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom 2004-2009

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