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Losail International Circuit
Location Doha, Qatar
Major events MotoGP
Circuit length 5.4 kilometres ( miles)
Turns 16
Lap record 1.59.293 (Colin Edwards, Honda, 2004)

Losail International Circuit is a motor racing circuit located just outside Doha in the Persian Gulf State of Qatar

Built in just under a year by 1000 workers at the cost of $USD58million, the track opened in 2004 to the inaugural Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar, won by Sete Gibernau

The track is 5.4 km in length, with a main straight of just over a kilometre at 1,068metres. It is surrounded by artificial grass to stop the sand encroaching too much onto the track


[edit] Racing History

[edit] 2006 MotoGP of Qatar

[edit] 2005 MotoGP of Qatar

[edit] 2004 MotoGP of Qatar

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Losail International Circuit

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