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The title of Viscount Stormont is a title in the Peerage of Scotland; it was created in 1621 by James VI for his friend and helper Sir David Murray who had saved him from the attack of Earl Gowrie in 1600. Murray had already been created Lord Scone, also in the Peerage of Scotland in 1605. The 2nd Viscount also succeeded to the title Baron Balvaird in 1641.

The 7th Viscount succeeded his uncle as Earl of Mansfield in 1793, that title having been created in William Murray, a son of the 4th Viscount, in 1776. The title of Viscount Stormont is now used as a courtesy title by the heir apparent to that Earldom.

[edit] Viscounts Stormont (1621)

(For further succession see Earl of Mansfield)

Viscount of Stormont

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