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A Londoner is someone who inhabits or originates from London. Although the term Londoner is generally accepted as covering all people from Greater London, it is sometimes used to mean more narrowly a 'Cockney', and tradition has it that true Cockneys are only those who are born within the sound of Bow Bells (i.e., the peal of the church bells of the parish church at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London).

Londoners come from a broad range of geographic and ethnic backgrounds. They speak with a wide variety of accents including Cockney, Received Pronunciation and Estuary English. Londoners often have a very distinctive accent, quite distinct from the rest of England.

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The Londoner is the title of a monthly newsletter from the Mayor of London, England, delivered free to all households in Greater London, at an annual cost of £2.8 million, funded principally by the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, and the Metropolitan Police Authority.

The Londoner's Diary is the title of the daily diary section of the London (England) Evening Standard.

The Londoner is the title of a community paper in London, Ontario, Canada.

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