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London slang is slang that is used in London. Cockney rhyming slang is the best known form of London slang, but London has a very diverse population and there are many sources and styles of slang. An example is Jamaican patois.

One problem with identifying what is specifically London slang is that the dominant cultural position that London has within the United Kingdom causes London slang to be exported to the rest of the UK, leading to London slang becoming general United Kingdom English slang.[citation needed]


[edit] Sources of London slang

London slang is a mixture from many sources, reflecting the diverse cultural makeup of the city's population.

In 21st century South London, Jamaican patois is the source of words such as "dat" and "dere".

Many London slang words and phrases are believed to have been imported from Indian languages by servicemen in the 19th century. London slang words for money such as "monkey" (£500) and "pony" (£25) are believed to have come from the Indian rupee banknote, which features pictures of such animals.

Another money slang word, "nicker" (£1) is hypothesised to be connected to the U.S. "nickel". Conversely, "wonga" is believed to have come from Romany.

[edit] Modern urban slang in London

In August 2005, Professor Sue Fox from Queen Mary University concluded that Cockney rhyming slang was dying out. She says that young children in East London, as well as most of London, are being influenced by words and phrases brought in from outside cultures, primarily Bangladeshi. This is primarily true, as many teenagers from London are incorporating new words into their increasing vocabularies, many of which borrowed from outside the UK. The emerging dialect has been given the name Jafaican. This has been followed up by several publications about the changing faces of youth dialect/sociolect in several national newspapers. These include The Times and The Guardian.

[edit] Example of London slang

Slang Definition
Buff/Choong/Fit/Peng/Jook/Zak Sexually attractive
Drum/Gaff/Yard/Manor Home
Filth/Coppers/Cozzers/Rozzers/Old Bill/Feds/50/boy dem/pigs Police
Fresh/Freshie/Fresh off the boat A person who has just come to the country, usually african immigrants
Gash/Muff Vagina/Girl/Girlfriend (sometimes derogatory)
Grass/Nark/Shaun/Snake An informer
Hookie/Hot/Moody (When referring to items) Stolen. "Got me some hookie gold chains"
Jam/Jam your hype/Jam your tart Calm down
Mickey Mouse (when referring to money) Fake
On your J's (from the cockney rhyming slang on your Jack Jones - On your own) On your own
Porkies/Porkers (from the cockney rhyming slang Pork Pies – lies) Lies
Rabbit (from the cockney rhyming slang Rabbit and Pork - talk) To Talk excessively. ("Stop rabbitin'")
Wasteman/wastegash A man that is considered a waste of space/same for female. "Swain is a wasteman!" (often accompanied with a 'W' sign made with both thumbs and index fingers)
Sekkle/Sekkle & Chill Calm down
Shrapnel/Chicken Change Loose Money
Shower Roadman/General Refers to an individual of significance within urban communities
Gassing it talking rubbish
Skint/braas when you have no money
Paper/Dough/Dosh Money

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