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London City Airport
Image:City Airport station.jpg
Place London City Airport
Local authority London Borough of Newham
Managed by Docklands Light Railway
Platforms in use 2
Transport for London
Zone 3
Key dates Opened 2005
Transport for London
List of London stations: Underground | National Rail

London City Airport DLR station is a station on the Docklands Light Railway which opened in December 2005. It is located on the King George V branch. Trains run Westbound to Bank in the City of London and Eastbound to King George V, which is the next stop.

The station is in the London Borough of Newham and is located in Travelcard Zone 3.


[edit] Location

Prior to December 2005, Docklands Light Railway trains would arrive at Canning Town and would only be able to continue in a southeasterly direction towards Royal Victoria. In December 2005, however, the new King George V branch was opened and trains can now continue South: they cross under Lower Lea Crossing, travel along Silvertown Way before reaching North Woolwich Road (A1020). The train passes through West Silvertown DLR and Pontoon Dock DLR. At this point the train takes a sharp northeasterly turn, crossing Connaught Road to arrive at the West side of London City Airport where the station is situated. The station (like many Docklands Light Railway stations) is elevated and fully enclosed. There are two entrances to the station and the platforms are connected by escalators and lifts to an intermediate level with a direct link into the airport concourse. Main access to the station for local passengers and mobility impaired customers is by a lower level subway.

[edit] Train Frequency

[edit] Westbound

Trains run about every 10 minutes to Bank in the City of London. Journey time is 7 minutes to Canning Town to interchange with the Beckton branch of the DLR, 12 minutes to Poplar to interchange with the Stratford and Lewisham branches of the DLR and 22 minutes to Bank in the City of London.

[edit] Eastbound

Trains run about every 10 minutes to King George V in the area of North Woolwich. The journey time is 2 minutes to the terminus, one of the two Eastbound termini of the Docklands Light Railway, the other being Beckton.

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London City Airport DLR station

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