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London Borough of Haringey
Shown within Greater London
Status London borough
— Total
Ranked 339th
29.59 km²
ONS code 00AP
Admin HQ Wood Green
— Total (2005 est.)
Ranked 51st (of 354)
7,587 / km²
Ethnicity 65.6% White
20.0% Afro-Caribbean
6.7% South Asian
1.1% Chinese
Leadership Leader (Cllr George Meehan) & Cabinet
Mayor Cllr Gina Adamou
Executive Labour
MPs Lynne Featherstone
David Lammy
London Assembly
— Member
Enfield and Haringey
Joanne McCartney
Coat of Arms
Official website

The London Borough of Haringey is a London borough in North London and forms part of Outer London.


[edit] Demographics

According to the 2001 census, Haringey has a population of 216,507. However, it is considered that the Census may have underestimated the population of the borough.[citation needed]

The ethnic composition of the population is 66% White, 10% Black Caribbean, 9% Black African and 3% Indian. 46% of householders are owner-occupers. Only about 11% of the population are over 65, compared to 18.5% nationally.

[edit] History

The borough was formed in 1965 from the former area of the Municipal Borough of Hornsey, the Municipal Borough of Wood Green and the Municipal Borough of Tottenham which had previously been part of Middlesex.

Alexandra Palace, first constructed in 1873, is located within the borough.

[edit] The Haringey symbol

The Haringey Symbol is based on a device in the Borough Arms. It is a stylised electric flash representing the first television transmission in Britain from Alexandra Palace.

[edit] Harringay vs. Haringey

Note that Harringay the place is part of Haringey the London borough but they are not the same thing, and the spelling difference is significant. In fact both, as well as Hornsey, come from the same root - a Saxon Chief named Haering. The area took its name - in either form - from Haering's Hege, or Haering's enclosure.

[edit] Districts

The borough includes the following areas:

[edit] Political Composition

The borough has been Labour-run since 1970. Labour currently has a majority of just three seats over the Liberal Democrats.

Seats on Haringey Council, by party:

Year Conservative Labour Liberal Democrats
1994 2 57 0
1998 2 54 3
2002 0 42 15
2006 0 30 27

(boundary changes in 2002 reduced the number of councillors by 2)

[edit] Twin towns

Haringey has been twinned with Koblenz, Germany since 1969. [1]. It has also twinned with the towns of Arima in Trinidad and Tobago, Clarendon in Jamaica, Larnaca in Cyprus, Livry-Gargan in the suburbs of Paris, France and Sundyberg in Sweden.

[edit] Famous Residents

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London Borough of Haringey

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