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London Borough of Hackney
Shown within Greater London
Status London borough
— Total
Ranked 349th
19.06 km²
ONS code 00AM
Admin HQ Mare Street, Hackney
— Total (2005 est.)
Ranked 64th (of 354)
10,897 / km²
Ethnicity 59.4% White (44.12% British, 3.02% Irish, 12.26% other white)
24.7% Afro-Caribbean
8.6% South Asian
4.2% Mixed Race
1.2% Chinese
Leadership Mayor & Cabinet
Mayor Jules Pipe
Executive Labour
MPs Diane Abbott
Meg Hillier
London Assembly
— Member
North East
Jennette Arnold
Coat of Arms
Official website
Image:Hackney town hall 1.jpg
Hackney Town Hall was built in the 1930s for the old Metropolitan Borough. (October 2005)

The London Borough of Hackney is a London borough in East London and part of Inner London.

Unlike most English districts, its council is led by a directly-elected mayor.


[edit] Borough of contrasts

The borough is known for being one of the poorest and most crime-affected London boroughs. Despite this perception it is a place of considerable contrasts. The south western tip of the borough is adjacent to the City and close to the Broadgate development. In this area some office development has taken place within the borough boundary.

Also in the south west is Hoxton and Shoreditch which are central to the London arts scene and home to numerous clubs, bars, shops and restaurants, much of which is centered on Hoxton Square.

The development of Shoreditch and Hoxton caused land value to increase in the area such that developers looked to other parts of the borough for development. Much of Hackney is inner-city in character and in places like Dalston large housing estates now sit side-by-side with gated communities.

The main commercial and retail centre of Hackney is known as Hackney Central to distinguish it from the rest of the borough. South Hackney abuts Victoria Park (which is in neighbouring Tower Hamlets) and terraced Victorian and Edwardian housing stock has survived in the area.

To the north of the borough is Clapton, Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington. To the east is the large open space of the Hackney Marshes and the districts of Hackney Wick and Homerton. There is some declining light industry around the River Lea (the eastern boundary) and land is planned to be re-used for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

In October 2006, a Channel 4 survey programmes 'The Best and Worst places to live in the UK', claimed Hackney to be the worst place to live in the UK<ref>That list accessed: 29 October 2006</ref>. In response, Jules Pipe elected Mayor of Hackney stated "Of course Hackney has problems, as do all inner city boroughs, but it is an amazing place to live. It is diverse and exciting with fantastic architecture, a vibrant arts and cultural scene, and a bright future as an Olympic borough.". He went on to point out that the same production team had also made programmes boosting Hackney as a place to invest in property<ref>Mayor's statement on desirability of Hackney accessed: 29 October 2006</ref>.

[edit] History

The borough was formed in 1965 from the area of the former metropolitan boroughs of Hackney, Shoreditch and Stoke Newington.

[edit] Demographics of Hackney

The 2001 census gives Hackney a population of 202,824.<ref>Statistics for ethnicity[1], country of birth[2], and religion[3] are from the UK census.</ref>

The population is ethnically diverse. Of the resident population, 89,490 (44%) people describe themselves as White British. 30,978 (15%) are in other White ethnic groups, 50,009 (25%) are Black or Black British, 17,414 (9%) are Asian or Asian British, 8,501 (4%) describe themselves as 'Mixed', and 6,432 (3%) as Chinese or Other.

132,931 (66%) of the resident population were born in the UK. A further 10,095 (5%) were born in other parts of Europe, and the remaining 59,798 (29%) born elsewhere in the world.

The 2001 census also shows Christianity is the biggest religion in Hackney, with 94,431 (47%) Christian; 27,908 (14%) Muslim; 10,732 (5%) Jewish; and 6,831 (3%) belong to other religions. A further 38,607 (19%) stated no religion, and 24,315 (12%) did not state a religion.

32% of householders are owner–occupiers.

[edit] Transport

Hackney is currently the only London borough north of the Thames that has no London Underground stations other than those on its borders with other boroughs. Manor House is in the extreme north-west of the borough and on the boundary with Haringey and Old Street is in the extreme south-west and on the border with Islington.

Transport for London is extending the East London Line northwards through the borough reusing some of the abandoned line between Dalston Junction and Broad Street with stations at Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton, Haggerston and Dalston Junction. When complete, the line will be handed over to Network Rail who will run services from Hackney to South London.

The Silverlink North London Line and the 'one' West Anglia pass through the borough with the following stations within its boundary:

Image:Hackney sunset.jpg
A busy sunset over Graham Road, Hackney Central (19 September 2005—3 days before the autumnal equinox)

[edit] North London Line

stations (west to east)

[edit] 'one' West Anglia

stations (north to south)

[edit] Districts in Hackney

Image:Hackney districts.gif
Some locations in the borough of Hackney.

The borough includes the following areas:

[edit] Cultural Attractions and Institutions in Hackney

[edit] Individuals associated with Hackney

Among those who were born in Hackney, or have dwelt within the borders of the modern borough are:

1907 Hetty King sheet music, expressing a concern of modern residents

[edit] References

<references />

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London Borough of Hackney

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