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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
Shown within Greater London
Status London borough
— Total
Ranked 327th
36.09 km²
ONS code 00AB
Admin HQ Rainham Road North, Becontree Heath
— Total (2005 est.)
Ranked 91st (of 354)
4,558 / km²
Ethnicity 85.2% White
7.0% Afro-Caribbean
5.1% South Asian
Leadership Leader & Cabinet
Executive Labour
MPs Jon Cruddas
Margaret Hodge
London Assembly
— Member
City and East
John Biggs
Coat of Arms
Official website

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham is a London borough in East London and forms part of Outer London.


[edit] Neighbours

The borough borders the London Borough of Havering to the east with the River Rom forming part of the boundary. It borders the London Borough of Newham to the west with the River Roding forming much of the border. To the south is the River Thames which forms the borough's boundary with the London Borough of Bexley and the London Borough of Greenwich. To the north the borough forms a thin protrusion between Havering and the London Borough of Redbridge in order to encompass Chadwell Heath.

[edit] Settlement

The borough consists of mostly working class suburbs and includes the following areas:

Most of the housing in the borough was constructed by the London County Council during the interwar period of 1918-1939. Major settlement of the area, mostly escaping slum conditions in the East End of London, occurred during this period when the new motor and chemical industries such as the Ford Motor Company plant at Dagenham were set up. Since the decline of these industries in the 1980s, employment has shifted towards service sector jobs which has created an increase in the middle class population. As of 2006, the borough has the lowest average house prices in London. Much of the borough is within the London Riverside area of the Thames Gateway zone and is the site of considerable house building and other development. A £500 million budget has been earmarked for redevelopment of the borough's principal district of Barking. <ref>Operis - Project UK-Barking: urban development</ref>

[edit] History

The borough was formed in 1965 by the London Government Act 1963 as the London Borough of Barking from the greater part of the Municipal Borough of Barking and the Municipal Borough of Dagenham the former area of which was transferred to Greater London from Essex. It was renamed Barking and Dagenham in 1980. In 2004 a wind turbine was constructed on the Ford Motors plant grounds in the south east of the borough with another turbine in adjacent Havering.

[edit] Borough Council

The composition of the council at each election was:

Election Councillors Aldermen
Labour Conservative BNP Chadwell Heath
Ratepayers' Assoc.
Liberals /
Liberal Democrats
Independents Labour
1964 45 - - 4 - - 8
1968 32 13 - 4 - - 8
1971 45 - - 4 - - 8
1974 45 - - 4 - - 8
1978 42 3 - 3 - -
1982 37 3 - 3 3 2
1986 35 3 - 3 5 2
1990 44 - - 3 1 -
1994 47 - - 3 1 -
1998 47 - - 3 1 -
2002 42 2 - 4 3 -
2006 38 1 12 - - -

51 councillors form Barking and Dagenham London Borough Council. They are elected from the 17 wards which make up the borough. The wards are:

Ward Coverage Westminster (future) Map (PDF)
Abbey Barking (town centre and west) Barking [1]
Alibon Dagenham (north) Barking [2]
Becontree Becontree (north west) Barking [3]
Chadwell Heath Chadwell Heath Dagenham and Rainham [4]
Eastbrook Rush Green (south), Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham (east) Dagenham and Rainham [5]
Eastbury Barking (south east) Barking [6]
Gascoine Barking (south west) Barking [7]
Goresbrook Becontree (south), Dagenham (south west) Barking [8]
Heath Becontree Heath, Dagenham (north), Rush Green (north) Dagenham and Rainham [9]
Longbridge Barking (north), Upney (north) Barking [10]
Mayesbrook Becontree (south) Dagenham and Rainham [11]
Parsloes Becontree (south east), Dagenham (south west) Barking [12]
River Dagenham (south), Dagenham Dock (east) Dagenham and Rainham [13]
Thames Barking (riverside), Thames View Estate, Dagenham Dock (west) Barking [14]
Valence Becontree (north east) Barking [15]
Village Dagenham (south east), Dagenham (village) Dagenham and Rainham [16]
Whalebone Chadwell Heath (north) Dagenham and Rainham [17]

In the 2006 local elections, the BNP gained 12 councillors in the borough and now form the second largest party represented on the council, after Labour (who have 39 councillors). The other remaining councillor is Conservative.

[edit] Twinning

The town is twinned with Witten in Germany.

[edit] Education

The Barking Campus of the University of East London is located in the borough. Other educational institutions in the borough include Barking College, Warren Comprehensive School and All Saints School, Dagenham, a Roman Catholic secondary school.

[edit] Schools

[edit] Primary Schools

  • Becontree Primary School
  • Five Elms Primary School
  • Hunters Hall Primary School
  • John Perry Primary School
  • Grafton
  • Manor Infant & Junior Schools
  • Marks Gate Infant & Junior Schools
  • Parsloes Primary School
  • Richard Alibon Primary School
  • Ripple Infants School and Ripple Juniors
  • Southwood Primary School
  • St. Joseph's Primary School
  • St. Peter's Primary School
  • Thomas Arnold Primary School
  • Trinity School
  • Village Infant & William Ford Junior

[edit] Secondary Schools

[edit] References


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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

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