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Livingstone Falls, named for the explorer David Livingstone, are a succession of rapids on the lower course of the Congo River in west equatorial Africa, downstream from Malebo Pool in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The falls consists of a series of cascades dropping 900 feet in 220 miles (270 meters in 350 kilometers). It ends in Matadi in Bas-Congo.

It should be noted that David Livingstone never travelled to this part of Western Africa.

At the end of the 19th century the presence of the Livingstone Falls justified the construction of the Matadi-Léopoldville Railway.

It is during the Africa-Raft descent of these rapids that Philippe de Dieuleveult and 6 of his fellow-members disappeared on August 6, 1985 aroundälle es:Cataratas Livingstone fr:Chutes Livingstone it:Cascate Livingstone

Livingstone Falls

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