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"Littoral Province" redirects here. For other uses, see Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea) and Litoral Province (Bolivia).
Littoral Province
Capital Douala
Divisions Moungo
Area 20,239 km²
Inhabitants 1,352,833 (1987)
Pop. density 67 inh./km² (ranked 3rd)
Governor Gounouko Haounayé

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The Littoral Province is a province of Cameroon. Its capital is Douala. As of 1987, its population was 1,352,833.

The province is divided into six divisions or préfectures; these are in turn broken down into subdivisions. Presidentially appointed senior divisional officers (prefets) and subdivisional officers sous-prefets) govern each respectively. Traditional leaders, usually referred to as chiefs in English, often preside over particular ethnic groups or villages; nevertheless, many of these wield very little power today, the chiefs' compounds serving as little more than tourist attractions.

Provinces of Cameroon
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fr:Province du Littoral (Cameroun) id:Provinsi Littoral, Kamerun ja:リトラル州 pl:Prowincja Nadmorska (Kamerun) pt:Littoral (Camarões)

Littoral Province (Cameroon)

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