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A country is a geographical territory, both in the sense of nation (a cultural entity) and state (a political entity). Lists of countries by various criteria and lists of articles by country include:


[edit] Geography

The Earth and its features.

[edit] Demographics

The characteristics of the human population.

[edit] Economy

The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Gross domestic products – The value of goods and services produced within a country.

[edit] Politics

The process by which groups, often governments, make decisions.

Defense (military) — The armed forces of a nation or state

[edit] Environment

The physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon an ecosystem.

[edit] Name

The label for the country.

See also: Geographical renaming

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Other entities

For more sources, see Geographic references.

[edit] See also

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Lists of countries

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