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Several geo-political entities in the world have no general international recognition, but they want to be recognized as sovereign states. The degree in which those have de facto control over the teritorry they claim is variable.

Most are subnational regions with an ethno-national identity of its own that have "broken off" (i.e. separated themselves) from their original parent state, and hence they are commonly referred to as "break-away" states. Some of these entities are in effect internally self-governing protectorates that enjoy military protection and informal diplomatic representation abroad through another state to prevent its forced reincorporation into its original state.

Note that the word "control" in this list refers to control over the area occupied, not occupation of the area claimed. Virtually no unrecognized country controls all the area it claims. Unrecognized countries can be separated into those which have full control over their occupied territory (such as, for instance, Republic of China) and those with only partial control (such as Tamil Eelam). The main difference is that in the former, the de jure governments of the areas in question have no (or nearly no) influence in the areas under question, whereas in the latter they can have varying degrees of control, and may provide essential services to people living in the areas.


Partially recognized states with de facto control over their territory

States that are recognized by the majority but not the totality of the other states are listed here

Unrecognized states with de facto control over their territory

Unrecognized states with partial control over their territory

Partially recognized states largely under military occupation

Internationally administered territory

Partially unrecognized states

The following states are all recognised by the majority of the world's sovereign states. Barring the Holy See, they are all members of the United Nations. They all conduct relations with the majority of the world's nations. However, some of them are not recognized by certain countries. These partially unrecognized states are:

Historic unrecognized or partially recognized states with de facto control over their territory




Image : Lado Kingdom - founded in 864 a.d still struggling for its freedom independence as occupied territory . Issue of independence was raised for the first time in United Nations Organisation ( UN )in 1947 but decidedly Britain stood against the independence using its Veto power . The territory Kingdom remains still occupied and stretched out in its devided parts into Republic of Uganda , The Republic of Sudan and The Democratic Republic of Congo , so done by Britain , thus removing it from the World Maps ( 1910 - 1914 ) .



Historic unrecognized or partially recognized governments with de facto control over their territory

These regimes had control over the territory of a country for which most other states recognized a different government as being the legitimate government:



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List of unrecognized countries

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