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London's three tallest buildings at Canary Wharf, the HSBC building 200 m, One Canada Square 235 m, and the Citigroup Centre 200 m.
Image:51limestreet june2006.jpg
Part of the London skyline viewed from the South Bank. Seen here is the 600ft Tower 42, the radical new SwissRe Building, and the under construction Willis Building.

London has limits to building heights because of protected views of certain buildings from particular locations (notably St Paul's). Until the early 1960s buildings in London were restricted to 100 feet (30 metres) in height, although there were some exceptions to this rule. This restriction was put in place in order to keep every floor of a building in reach of the fire brigade's ladders [citation needed]. The lifting of the height restriction caused a boom in the building of tall buildings during the 1960s. Most prominent of these was the Post Office (now BT) Tower, built as a microwave relay station.

London's first skyscraper was the NatWest Tower (now Tower 42), completed in 1980 and standing 183m tall. It was followed in 1991 by One Canada Square which was 235m and formed the centrepiece of the Canary Wharf development. Following another 10 year gap, several new skyscrapers appeared on London's skyline - 8 Canada Square, 25 Canada Square, the Heron Quays buildings, the Barclays headquarters and the award-winning 30 St Mary Axe.

The next few years will see far more skyscrapers appearing, as London goes through a high-rise boom. The 310m Shard London Bridge, the 288m Bishopsgate Tower where work has already started and around 30 other skyscrapers over 150m are in planning and could transform the city's skyline. <ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

In 2007, construction is due to start on the Shard (310m), the Bishopsgate Tower (288m), the Heron Tower (242m), 122 Leadenhall Street (225m) and Riverside South (214m and 189m). The Broadgate Tower (165m) will also be nearing completion.


[edit] Structures taller than 100m

[edit] High-rise buildings

Image:BT Tower 2004.jpg
BT Tower from the Euston Road, looking south.
Name Height (m) Floors Built
1.One Canada Square (Canary Wharf Tower) [C]235501991
2.8 Canada Square (HSBC Building) [C]200452002
3.25 Canada Square (Citigroup Centre) [C]200452001
4.BT Tower (formerly Post Office Tower)188431965
5.Tower 42 (formerly NatWest Tower)183431980
6.30 St Mary Axe (the Swiss Re Building)(The Gherkin)180402003
7.One Churchill Place (Barclays Bank HQ) [C]156322004
8.25 Bank Street [H]153332003
9.40 Bank Street [H]153332003
10.10 Upper Bank Street [H]151322003
11.Guy's Tower143341974
12.CityPoint (formerly Britannic House)127361967
13.Euston Tower124361970
14.Shakespeare Tower [B]123431976
15.Lauderdale Tower [B]123431974
16.Cromwell Tower [B]123421973
17.Millbank Tower118321963
18.St. Helen's118281969
19.Centre Point117351967
20.Empress State Building117311961
21.King's Reach Tower111301978
22.1 West India Quay111342004
23.Shell Tower107261961
24.33 Canada Square105181999
25.99 Bishopsgate104261976
26.Portland House101291963
27.The London Hilton on Park Lane101291963
28.Southwark Towers100251976
29.Draper's Gardens100301967
30.Stock Exchange Tower100261970

[edit] Other structures

Name Height (m) Built
1.Crystal Palace Transmitter2221950
2.Croydon Transmitter1531962
3.The London Eye1351999
4.Wembley Stadium [U]1332005
5.St Paul's Cathedral1121710
6.Victoria Tower (at the Palace of Westminster)1021858
[U] Under construction.
[C] Part of the Canary Wharf Complex.
[B] Part of the Barbican Estate.
[H] Part of the Heron Quays Complex.

[edit] London skyscraper comparison

Image:Tall buildings in London.svg
Tallest buildings in London as of January 2006.

[edit] Future tall buildings

Image:London skyline 2012 large.jpg
Artist's rendering of the Bishopsgate Tower, and some of the other towers that will transform London's skyline
Name Height Status
Shard London Bridge310 mApproved
Bishopsgate Tower288 mConstruction
122 Leadenhall Street225 mApproved
North Quay216 & 203 mApproved
Riverside South214 & 189 mApproved
Heron Tower203 mApproved
20 Blackfriars Road200 mPlanned
20 Fenchurch Street192 mProposed
St George's Wharf181 mApproved
Beetham Tower London180 mProposed
Broadgate Tower165 mConstruction
100 Bishopsgate165 mProposed
Pan Peninsula Tower147 mConstruction
Crossharbour131 mConstruction
51 Lime Street125 mConstruction
Pioneer Point North105 mConstruction
Ontario Tower104 mConstruction
Stock Exchange Tower100 mBeing re-developed

[edit] Other famous tall buildings

Name Height (m) Built
 Trellick Tower981972
 St Stephens Tower (Big Ben) of the Palace of Westminster961859
 Lloyd's building951986
 Millennium Dome951999
 Balfron Tower841967
 St Pancras railway station821868
 The London Ark761992
 OXO Tower671900
 The Old Bailey671907
 City Hall452002

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List of tallest buildings and structures in London

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