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The Mayor of New York City is the chief executive of the New York City Government, as stipulated by the Charter of the City of New York.

This list through 1897 includes the mayors of (roughly) what is now considered Manhattan and The Bronx only. The five boroughs were consolidated in 1898. See History of New York City.

The 108th and current Mayor of New York City is Michael Bloomberg, a Republican.

It is interesting to note that although New York City voters are overwhelmingly registered Democrats, the city has elected a Republican in the last 4 mayoral elections.


[edit] 17th century

Richard Nicolls 16641665 (as British Colonial Governor of New York)
Thomas Willett 16651666 First to be specifically appointed mayor
Thomas Delavall 16661667  
Thomas Willett 16671668  
Cornelius Van Steenwyk 16681671  
Thomas Delavall 16711672  
Matthias Nicholls 16721673  
John Lawrence 16731675  
William Dervall 16751676  
Nicholas De Mayer 16761677  
Stephanus Van Cortlandt 16771678  
Thomas Delavall 16781679  
Francis Rombouts 16791680  
William Dyre 16801682  
Cornelius Van Steenwyk 16821684  
Gabriel Minvielle(*) 16841685  
Nicholas Bayard(*) 16851686  
Stephanus Van Cortlandt 16861688  
Peter Delanoy 16881691  
John Lawrence(*) 16911692  
Abraham DePeyster 16921694  
Charles Lodwik 16941696  
William Merritt 16961698  
Johanness De Peyster 16981699  
David Provost 16991700  

[edit] Notes

  1. Prior to the establishment of the office of Mayor of the City of New York, New Amsterdam had been governed by Burgomasters.
  2. Prior to 1680, Mayors served one year terms. As of 1680, they served two year terms. Exceptions are noted thus (*).

[edit] 18th century

Isaac De Reimer 17001701  
Thomas Noell 17011702  
Thomas Hood 1702  
Phillip French 17021703  
William Peartree 17031707  
Ebenezer Wilson 17071710  
Jacobus Van Cortlandt 17101711  
Caleb Heathcote 17111714  
John Johnstone 17141719  
Jacobus Van Cortlandt 17191720  
Robert Walters 17201725  
Johannes Jansen 17251726  
Robert Lurting 17261735  
Paul Richard 17351739  
John Cruger 17391744  
Stephen Bayard 17441747  
Edward Holland 17471757  
John Cruger, Jr. 17571766  
Whitehead Hicks 17661776  
David Matthews 17761784  
James Duane 17841789  
Richard Varick 17891801  

[edit] Notes

  1. Mayors served two year terms.

[edit] 19th century

Edward Livingston 18011803 Democratic-Republican
DeWitt Clinton 18031807 Democratic-Republican
Marinus Willett 18071808  
De Witt Clinton 18081810 Democratic-Republican
Jacob Radcliff 18101811  
DeWitt Clinton 18111815 Democratic-Republican
John Ferguson 1815  
Jacob Radcliff 18151818  
Cadwallader D. Colden 18181821 Federalist
Stephen Allen 18211824  
William Paulding Jr. 18251826 Democratic
Philip Hone 18261827 Whig
William Paulding Jr. 18271829 Democratic
Walter Browne 18291833  
Gideon Lee 18331834 Democratic
Cornelius Van Wyck Lawrence<ref>First New York mayor elected by popular vote</ref> 18341837 Democratic
Aaron Clark 18371839  
Isaac L. Varian 18391841  
Robert Morris 18411844  
James Harper 18441845  
William Havemeyer 18451846 Democratic
Andrew H. Mickle 18461847  
William Brady 18471848  
William Havemeyer 18481849 Democratic
Caleb Smith Woodhull 18491851  
Ambrose Kingsland 18511853  
Jacob Westervelt 18531855  
Fernando Wood 18551858 Democratic
Daniel F. Tiemann 18581860  
Fernando Wood 18601862 Democratic
George Opdyke 18621864 Republican
Charles Godfrey Gunther 18641866 Democratic
John T. Hoffman 18661868 Democratic
Thomas Coman<ref name=actingm>Acting Mayor</ref> 1868  
Abraham Oakey Hall 18691872  
William F. Havemeyer 18731874 Republican
Samuel B. H. Vance<ref name=actingm /> 1874  
William H. Wickham 18751876Democratic
Smith Ely, Jr. 18771878Democratic
Edward Cooper 18791880Democratic
William Russell Grace 18811882  
Franklin Edson 18831884Democratic
William Russell Grace 18851886  
Abram S. Hewitt 18871888Democratic
Hugh L. Grant 18891892  
Thomas F. Gilroy 18931894Democratic
William L. Strong 18951897 Fusion

[edit] 20th century

Robert A. Van Wyck<ref>First mayor of The City of New York after the consolidation of the five boroughs on January 1, 1898</ref>18981901 Democratic
Seth Low<ref>Previously served as Mayor of the City of Brooklyn</ref> 19021903Republican/Citizens Union Party
George B. McClellan Jr. 19041909 Democratic
William Jay Gaynor 19101913 Democratic
Ardolph Loges Kline <ref name=actingm /> 1913 Republican
John Purroy Mitchel 19141917 Fusion
John F. Hylan 19181925 Democratic
James J. Walker<ref>Resigned September 1, 1932</ref> 19261932Democratic
Joseph V. McKee <ref name=actingm /> 1932 (Sept. 1–Dec. 31) Democratic
John P. O'Brien 1933 (Jan. 1–Dec. 31) Democratic
Fiorello H. LaGuardia 19341945 Republican/Fusion
William O'Dwyer<ref>Resigned August 31, 1950</ref> 19461950 Democratic
Vincent R. Impellitteri<ref>Acting Mayor from September 1, 1950 to November 14, 1950. Elected Mayor on November 7, 1950</ref> 19501953 Democratic
Robert F. Wagner Jr. 19541965Democratic
John V. Lindsay 19661973 Republican/Liberal 1966–69; Democratic/Liberal 1970–73
Abraham D. Beame 19741977Democratic
Edward I. Koch 19781989Democratic
David N. Dinkins 19901993Democratic
Rudolph W. Giuliani 19942001Republican

[edit] 21st century

Michael R. Bloomberg2002Republican

[edit] Notes

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