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This is a list of the islands of Scotland, the mainland of which is part of the island of Great Britain, as well as a table of the largest Scottish islands. Rockall is claimed by the United Kingdom as part of Scotland, but its status is disputed.


[edit] List of islands

Name Island Group / Location
Ailsa Craig Firth of Clyde
Arran Firth of Clyde
Ascrib Islands Inner Hebrides
Auskerry Orkney Islands
Bac Mór Treshnish Isles
Baleshare Outer Hebrides
Balta Shetland Islands
Barra Outer Hebrides
Bass Rock Firth of Forth
Belnahua Slate Islands
Benbecula Outer Hebrides
Berneray near Barra Outer Hebrides
Berneray near North Uist Outer Hebrides
Bigga Shetland Islands
Bottle Island Summer Isles
Boreray St Kilda
Boreray Outer Hebrides
Bressay Shetland Islands
Brother Isle Shetland Islands
Bruray Out Skerries
Burnt Islands Firth of Clyde
Burra Shetland Islands
Burray Orkney Islands
Bute Firth of Clyde
Cairn na Burgh Beag Treshnish Isles
Cairn na Burgh More Treshnish Isles
Calf of Eday Orkney Islands
Calf of Flotta Orkney Islands
Calve Island Inner Hebrides
Calvay Outer Hebrides
Campay Outer Hebrides
Canna Small Isles
Cara Island Inner Hebrides
Carna Inner Hebrides
Cava Orkney Islands
Ceann Ear Monarch Islands
Ceann Iar Monarch Islands
Cearstaidh Outer Hebrides
Clett Inner Hebrides
Clettack Skerry Pentland Skerries
Coll Inner Hebrides
Colonsay Inner Hebrides
Copinsay Orkney Islands
Corn Holm Orkney Islands
Craigleith Firth of Forth
Craiglethy Fowlsheugh
Cramond Island Firth of Forth
Craro Inner Hebrides
Crowlin Islands Inner Hebrides
Damsay Orkney Islands
Danna Island Inner Hebrides
Davaar Firth of Clyde
Deasker Monarch Islands
Dubh Artach Inner Hebrides
Dun, St Kilda St Kilda
Dún Channuill Garvellachs
Easdale Slate Islands
East Linga Shetland Islands
Eday Orkney Islands
Egilsay Orkney Islands
Eigg Small Isles
Eilean Ban Inner Hebrides
Eileach an Naoimh Garvellachs
Eilean Chaluim Chille Outer Hebrides
Eilean Chathastail Inner Hebrides
Eilean Dubh Firth of Clyde
Eilean Dubh Summer Isles
Eilean Dubh Mór Inner Hebrides
Eilean Fladday Inner Hebrides
Eilean Shona Inner Hebrides
Eilean Uibhard Outer Hebrides
Eilean Macaskin Inner Hebrides
Eilean Mullagrach Summer Isles
Eilean Nan Ron Highland
Eilean Righ Inner Hebrides
Eilean Tigh Inner Hebrides
Eileanan Iasgaich Outer Hebrides
Ensay Outer Hebrides
Eorsa Inner Hebrides
Eriskay Outer Hebrides
Erraid Inner Hebrides
Isle of Ewe Highland
Eyebroughy Firth of Forth
Eynhallow Orkney Islands
Fair Isle Shetland Islands
Fara Orkney Islands
Faray Orkney Islands
Fetlar Shetland Islands
Fiaray Outer Hebrides
Fidra Firth of Forth
Fish Holm Shetland Islands
Fladda Slate Islands
Fladda Treshnish Isles
Flaray Outer Hebrides
Floday Outer Hebrides
Flodday near Barra Outer Hebrides
Flodday near Vatersay Outer Hebrides
Floddaybeg Outer Hebrides
Floddaymore Outer Hebrides
Flotta Orkney Islands
Foula Shetland Islands
Fuday Outer Hebrides
Fuiay Outer Hebrides
Gairsay Orkney Islands
Garbh Eileach Garvellachs
Garb Sgeir Inner Hebrides
Gigalum Island Inner Hebrides
Gigha Inner Hebrides
Gighay Outer Hebrides
Gilsay Outer Hebrides
Glas-leac Beag Summer Isles
Glas-leac Mor Summer Isles
Glimps Holm Orkney Islands
Gloup Holm Shetland Islands
Glunimore Island Firth of Clyde
Gometra Inner Hebrides
Graemsay Orkney Islands
Great Cumbrae Firth of Clyde
Grimsay Outer Hebrides
Groay Outer Hebrides
Gruinard Island Highland
Grunay Out Skerries
Gruney Shetland Islands
Gunna Inner Hebrides
Haaf Gruney Shetland Islands
Handa Highland
Harlosh Island Inner Hebrides
Hascosay Shetland Islands
Hearnish Monarch Islands
Helliar Holm Orkney Islands
Hellisay Outer Hebrides
Hermetray Outer Hebrides
Hildasay Shetland Islands
Hirta St Kilda
Holm of Faray Orkney Islands
Holm of Huip Orkney Islands
Holm of Papay Orkney Islands
Holm of Scockness Orkney Islands
Holy Isle Firth of Clyde
Horse Island Small Isles
Horse Island Summer Isles
Horse Isle Firth of Clyde
Housay Out Skerries
Hoy Orkney Islands
Hunda Orkney Islands
Huney Shetland Islands
Inchcolm Firth of Forth
Inchgarvie Firth of Forth
Inchkeith Firth of Forth
Inch Kenneth Inner Hebrides
Inchmarnock Firth of Clyde
Inchmickery Firth of Forth
Iona Inner Hebrides
Isay Inner Hebrides
Islay Inner Hebrides
Jura Inner Hebrides
Name Island Group / Location
Kerrera Inner Hebrides
Kili Holm Orkney Islands
Killegray Outer Hebrides
Kirkibost Outer Hebrides
Lady's Holm Shetland Islands
Lady Isle Firth of Clyde
Lamba Shetland Islands
Lamb Holm Orkney Islands
The Lamb Firth of Forth
Lewis with Harris Outer Hebrides
Linga near Muckle Roe Shetland Islands
Linga near Shetland Mainland Shetland Islands
Linga near Yell Shetland Islands
Linga Holm Orkney Islands
Lingay near Harris Outer Hebrides
Lingay near North Uist Outer Hebrides
Lismore Inner Hebrides
Little Bernera Outer Hebrides
Little Colonsay Inner Hebrides
Little Cumbrae Firth of Clyde
Little Roe Shetland Islands
Little Skerry Pentland Skerries
Longa Island Highland
Longay Inner Hebrides
Louther Skerry Pentland Skerries
Luing Slate Islands
Lunga Treshnish Isles
Lunna Holm Shetland Islands
Isle Martin Summer Isles
Isle of May Firth of Forth
Mealasta Outer Hebrides
Mingay Inner Hebrides
Mingulay Outer Hebrides
Moul of Eswick Shetland Islands
Mousa Shetland Islands
Muck Small Isles
Muckle Flugga Shetland Islands
Muckle Green Holm Orkney Islands
Muckle Ossa Shetland Islands
Muckle Roe Shetland Islands
Muckle Skerry Pentland Skerries
Mugdrum Island Firth of Tay
Muldoanich Outer Hebrides
Mull Inner Hebrides
North Havra Shetland Islands
North Rona Atlantic Ocean
North Ronaldsay Orkney Islands
North Uist Outer Hebrides
Noss Shetland Islands
Oigh-Sgeir Inner Hebrides
Oldany Island Highland
Opsay Outer Hebrides
Orfasay Shetland Islands
Orkney Mainland Orkney Islands
Ornsay Inner Hebrides
Oronsay, Inner Hebrides Inner Hebrides
Oronsay, Outer Hebrides Outer Hebrides
Orosay Outer Hebrides
Orsay Inner Hebrides
Out Stack Shetland Islands
Oxna Shetland Islands
Pabay Inner Hebrides
Pabay Mór Outer Hebrides
Pabbay near Barra Outer Hebrides
Pabbay near Harris Outer Hebrides
Papa Shetland Islands
Papa Little Shetland Islands
Papa Stour Shetland Islands
Papa Stronsay Orkney Islands
Papa Westray Orkney Islands
Pladda Firth of Clyde
Priest Island Summer Isles
Raasay Inner Hebrides
Isle Ristol Summer Isles
Ronay Outer Hebrides
Rousay Orkney Islands
Rùm Small Isles
Rusk Holm Orkney Islands
Rysa Little Orkney Islands
Samphrey Shetland Islands
Sanda Firth of Clyde
Sanday, Orkney Orkney Islands
Sanday, Inner Hebrides Small Isles
Sandray Outer Hebrides
Scalpay, Inner Hebrides Inner Hebrides
Scalpay, Outer Hebrides Outer Hebrides
Scaravay Outer Hebrides
Scarba Inner Hebrides
Scarp Outer Hebrides
Scotasay Outer Hebrides
Seaforth Island Outer Hebrides
Seil Slate Islands
Sgat Mór and Sgat Beag Firth of Clyde
Shapinsay Orkney Islands
Sheep Island Firth of Clyde
Shetland Mainland Shetland Islands
Shiant Islands Outer Hebrides
Shillay Outer Hebrides
Shillay Monach Islands
Shuna Slate Islands
Shuna, Loch Linnhe Inner Hebrides
Skye Inner Hebrides
Soay, Inner Hebrides Inner Hebrides
Soay, St Kilda St Kilda
Soay Beag Outer Hebrides
Soay Mor Outer Hebrides
South Gruney Shetland Islands
South Havra Shetland Islands
South Isle of Gletness Shetland Islands
South Rona Inner Hebrides
South Ronaldsay Orkney Islands
South Uist Outer Hebrides
St Ninian's Isle Shetland Islands
Staffa Inner Hebrides
Stockay Monarch Islands
Stockinish Island Outer Hebrides
Stroma Highland
Stromay Outer Hebrides
Stronsay Orkney Islands
Stuley Outer Hebrides
Sula Sgeir Atlantic Ocean
Sule Skerry Atlantic Ocean
Sule Stack Atlantic Ocean
Sursay Outer Hebrides
Sweyn Holm Orkney Islands
Switha Orkney Islands
Swona Orkney Islands
Tahay Outer Hebrides
Tanera Beg Summer Isles
Tanera Mor Summer Isles
Taransay Outer Hebrides
Tarner Island Inner Hebrides
Texa Inner Hebrides
Tiree Inner Hebrides
Torsa Slate Islands
Trondra Shetland Islands
Ulva Inner Hebrides
Unst Shetland Islands
Urie Lingey Shetland Islands
Uyea Shetland Islands
Uynarey Shetland Islands
Vacsay Outer Hebrides
Vaila Shetland Islands
Vallay Outer Hebrides
Vatersay Outer Hebrides
Vementry Shetland Islands
Vuia Beg Outer Hebrides
Vuia Mor Outer Hebrides
West Linga Shetland Islands
Westray Orkney Islands
Whalsay Shetland Islands
Wiay, Skye Inner Hebrides
Wiay, Uist Outer Hebrides
Wyre Orkney Islands
Yell Shetland Islands

[edit] Largest islands in Scotland

Island Area (sq mi) Area (km²)
1 Lewis and Harris 859.19 2225.30
2 Skye 643.28 1666.08
3 Shetland Mainland 373.36 967.0
4 Mull 347.21 899.25
5 Islay 246.64 614.52
6 Orkney Mainland 206.99 536.10
7 Arran 168.08 435.32
8 Jura 142.99 370.35
9 North Uist 135.71 351.49
10 South Uist 128.36 332.45

[edit] List of inhabited islands by Population Size

Island Local Authority Population (2001 census)
1 Lewis & Harris Western Isles 19,918
2 Shetland Mainland Shetland 17,550
3 Orkney Mainland Orkney 15,315
4 Skye Highland 9,232
5 Bute Argyll & Bute 7,149
6 Arran North Ayrshire 5,058
7 Islay Argyll & Bute 3,457
8 Mull Argyll & Bute 2,667
9 South Uist Western Isles 1,818
10 Great Cumbrae North Ayrshire 1,434
11 North Uist Western Isles 1,271
12 Benbecula Western Isles 1,219
13 Barra Western Isles 1,078
14 Whalsay Shetland 1,034
15 Yell Shetland 957
16 South Ronaldsay Orkney 854
17 Tiree Argyll & Bute 770
18 West Burra Shetland 753
19 Unst Shetland 720
20 Westray Orkney 563
21 Seil Argyll & Bute 560
22 Sanday Orkney 478
23 Hoy Orkney 392
24 Bressay Shetland 384
25 Burray Orkney 357
26 Stronsay Orkney 343
27 Scalpay Western Isles 322
28 Shapinsay Orkney 300
29 Bernera Western Isles 233
30 Luing Argyll & Bute 212
31 Rousay Orkney 212
32 Grimsay Western Isles 201
33 Raasay Highland 192
34 Jura Argyll & Bute 188
35 Coll Argyll & Bute 164
36 Lismore Argyll & Bute 146
37 Berneray Western Isles 136
38 Eriskay Western Isles 133
39 Trondra Shetland 133
40 Iona Argyll & Bute 125
41 Eday Orkney 121
42 Gigha Argyll & Bute 110
43 Colonsay Argyll & Bute 108
44 Muckle Roe Shetland 104
45 Vatersay Western Isles 94
46 Fetlar Shetland 86
47 Flotta Orkney 81
48 North Ronaldsay Orkney 70
49 Fair Isle Shetland 69
50 Eigg Highland 67
51 East Burra Shetland 66
52 Papa Westray Orkney 65
53 Easdale Argyll & Bute 58
54 Housay Shetland 50
55 Baleshare Western Isles 49
56 Kerrera Argyll & Bute 42
57 Egilsay Orkney 37
58 Foula Shetland 31
59 Muck Highland 30
60 Bruray Shetland 26
61 Papa Stour Shetland 25
62 Rùm Highland 22
63 Graemsay Orkney 21
64 Grimsay Western Isles 19
65 Wyre Orkney 18
66 Ulva Argyll & Bute 16
67 Isle of Ewe Highland 12
68 Flodda Western Isles 11
69 Papa Stronsay Orkney 10
70 Scalpay Highland 10
71 Eilean Shona Highland 9
72 Erraid Argyll & Bute 8
73 Lunga Argyll & Bute 7
74 Soay Highland 7
75 Canna Highland 6
76 Sanday Highland 6
77 Auskerry Orkney 5
78 Danna Argyll & Bute 5
79 Gometra Argyll & Bute 5
80 Oronsay Argyll & Bute 5
81 Tanera Mor Highland 5
82 Gairsay Orkney 3
83 Davaar Argyll & Bute 2
84 Eilean Ban Highland 2
85 Vaila Shetland 2
86 South Rona Highland 1
87 Eilean Donnan Highland 1
88 Sanda Argyll & Bute 1
89 Shuna (Slate Islands) Argyll & Bute 1

[edit] Freshwater islands

[edit] Places called "island" or "isle" which are not islands

Some places in Scotland are called islands or isles, but are not. They include:

Black Isle Ross and Cromarty
Burntisland Fife
Isle of Harris Outer Hebrides
Isle of Lewis Outer Hebrides
Isle of Whithorn Dumfries and Galloway

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[edit] Reference

The Scottish Islands Hamish Haswell-Smith ISBN 1-84195-454-3

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