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List of glossaries

Image:Nuvola apps kcoloredit.png Art and culture
Image:Nuvola apps kworldclock.png History and events
Image:Nuvola apps edu mathematics.png Mathematics and abstractions

Image:Nuvola apps kalzium.png Natural sciences and nature
Image:Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy, religion, and spirituality Image:ReligiousSymbols.png

Image:Nuvola apps kfm home.png Social sciences and society
Image:Nuvola apps krdc.png Technology and applied sciences

A glossary is a list of specialized or technical words with their meanings. Listed below are many glossaries supporting a wide range of subjects. See also Category:Glossaries.

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps kcoloredit.png Art and culture

[edit] Arts

Architecture (Classical) • Dance (BalletPartners) • GraffitiLiteraryMotion pictureMusic (BagpipesColombianItalian (used in English) • GuitarPopularTablaEponymous musical terms) • Poetry (Groups and movements) • Sculpture

[edit] Fiction

2000 ADAnime and manga (GaoGaiGarNeon Genesis EvangelionOne PieceX) • Boats of the "Glen Carrig"The Dark TowerDuneFan fictionFarscapeFictional expletivesFirefly curse wordsWizarding, in translations of Harry PotterJabberwockyKryptonLiterary termsEnglish to Nadsat (from A Clockwork Orange) • Newspeak wordsThe SimpsonsTransformers

[edit] Games

Alternate reality gamingBackgammonChess (Problems) • Computer games (Final Fantasy VIIMechwarrior 4MMORPGsResident evilXenosagaWorld of Warcraft) • Contract bridgeDartsGame theoryGo openingMagic: The GatheringPinballPoker (JargonPoker hand slang) • Role-playing gamesSudokuSolitaire

[edit] Sport

American footballAustralian and New Zealand puntingBaseballBasketballCanadian footballClimbingCricketCurlingCycling (Parts) • DartsFencingFigure skatingGolfIce hockeyPaintballPool, billiards, and snookerRowingSCUBASports terms named after peopleTable tennisTennisTrampoliningVolleyballWater poloWing ChunWrestling

[edit] Miscellaneous

ClothingConjuringGraphonomicsJapanese tea ceremonyNumismaticsOwaraiWine </div>

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps kworldclock.png History and events

FlagsFrench RevolutionJapanese historyNetherlands politicsRwandan GenocideThird ReichUK local historyWeimare Republic

[edit] Military

Military terminologyBritish ordnanceEstablished military termsModern AFV and artilleryModern infantryNavalU.S. Army LineageWWII German military

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps edu mathematics.png Mathematics and abstractions

Algorithms and data structuresArithmetic and Diophantine geometryCategory theoryCryptographic key typesDifferential geometry and topology (General topology, Topology) • Field theoryGame theoryGraph theoryGroup theoryMathematical jargonOrder theoryProbability and statisticsRiemannian and metic geometryRing theoryScheme theorySemisimple groupsShapes with metaphorical namesTensor theory

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps kalzium.png Natural sciences and nature

[edit] Biological science

ButterfliesGoatsInvasion biology

[edit] Medicine

Alternative medicineAnatomy (Location, Motion) • AyurvedaCommunication disordersDiabetesMedicineOncologyPsychiatry

[edit] Physical science

Classical physics • Climate change • Ichthyology • Atmospheric reentry • Severe weather terminology (United States)

[edit] Image:Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy, religion, and spirituality Image:ReligiousSymbols.png

ReligionAdidamAnglicanismBuddhismCalvinismHeideggerHinduismIslamPhilosophical ismsScientologySpiritualityTheosophyThe Urantia Book

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps kfm home.png Social sciences and society

BDSMCorporate (Landmark Education) • E-learningEducationFlagsIndian economyLaw enforcementMultiracialityNumismaticsQuality ManagementUK mortgageUS Mortgage • Sexuality (JapaneseHomosexualityParaphiliaProstitutionSingapore)

[edit] Languages and slang

Main list: Lists of English words

Latin and Greek systematic namesQuebec FrenchRhetoricAlternative words for BritishGreek words for loveList of archaic English words and their modern equivalentsList of case-sensitive English wordsList of Chicano Caló words and expressionsList of common words that have two opposite sensesList of Dacian wordsList of English words containing Q not followed by UList of English words with disputed usageList of French words of Arabic originList of frequently misused English wordsList of German words and phrasesList of Latin and Greek words commonly used in systematic namesList of Norfuk words and English meaningsList of one-letter English wordsList of replaced loan words in TurkishList of self-contradicting words in EnglishList of the longest English words with one syllableList of three-letter English wordsList of two-letter English wordsList of words derived from toponymsList of words frequently used in North American crossword puzzlesList of words having different meanings in British and American EnglishList of words of disputed pronunciationList of words that may be spelled with a ligatureList of words that were alternatively spelled in order to change their meaningList of words without vowel lettersMost common words in EsperantoPalindromic words

[edit] Slang

Hip-hop slangInternet slangMoney (slang terms)One-letter slangPuerto Rican slangSouth African slang

[edit] English dialects

American words not widely used in the United KingdomBritish words not widely used in the United StatesTrinidadian EnglishNew Zealand English and MāoriNew Zealand wordsCanadian English words

[edit] English words of...

African originAfrikaans originArabic originAustralian Aboriginal originCeltic originChinese originCzech originDutch originEtruscan originFinnish originFrench originGerman expressionsGerman loan wordsGerman originGermanic and Latinate equivalentsGreek derivationHawaiian originHebrew originHungarian originIndian origin (Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Teluga) • Indonesian originIrish originIrishItalian originJapanese originKorean originLatin derivationMalay originMaori originNative American originNorwegian originOld Norse originPersian originPolish originPortuguese originPunjabi originRomanian originRussian originSami originScots originScottish originScottish Gaelic originSerbo-Croatian originSlovak originSpanish originSwedish originTurkic originUkrainian originWelsh originYiddish origin

[edit] Spanish words of...

African originAustronesian originBasque/Iberian originCeltic originChinese originEtruscan originFrench originIndigenous American Indian originIndo-Aryan originIranian originItalic originNahuatl originSemitic originTurkic originuncertain originvarious origins

[edit] Other origins

Japanese words of Dutch originJapanese words of Portuguese originMalay words of Tamil originLoan words in IndonesianLoan words in Sri Lankan TamilSinhala words of Dutch originSinhala words of Portuguese originSinhala words of Tamil originSinhalese words of English Origin

[edit] Image:Nuvola apps krdc.png Technology and applied sciences

Air pollution dispersion terminologyBloggingBroadcastingComputing and IT (Alternative terms for free softwareComputerComputer-relatedInternetUnified Modeling LanguageObject-oriented programming) • Digital televisionFirefighting (EquipmentWildland fires) • Legal (Latin) • Library and information scienceMachine visionMetalworking terminologyMobile phonesNauticalTelephonyTextile manufacturing • Transport (Aviation, aerospace, and aeronauticsAutomotive designRail (Passenger rail (NZ railfanUK railfanU.S. railfan))) • Woodworking (Joinery)

[edit] Misc glossaries

(These need checking and then placement in the list above)

Australian English terms for food and drinkAustralian English terms for peopleChinese terms for GodChinook JargonList of Ainu termsList of algonquin termsList of anti-ethnic and anti-national termsList of Christian terms in ArabicList of disability-related terms with negative connotationsList of exported Arabic termsList of gairaigo and wasei-eigo termsList of Islamic terms in ArabicList of medieval land termsList of slang terms for police officersList of stock market slang termsList of terms based on the word cubeList of terms for country subdivisionsList of Trinidadian English termsList of U.S. security clearance termsOffensive terms per nationalityJargon of The Rush Limbaugh ShowSlogans and terms derived from the September 11, 2001 attackVarious terms used for GermansAnarcho-capitalist terminology and symbolismAndalite terminologyHork-Bajir terminologyBritish Isles (terminology)Kinship terminology

[edit] See also

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List of glossaries

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